23 August 2012

Polka Dotty!

I love prints, simple, but bright and colourful prints fill my wardrobe and my little loft flat.  But by far my favourite print is simple polka dots.  I am drawn to anything polka dotty, it is beginning to get obsessional!  I often go out of the house not realising that I am wearing several different polka dot prints, they really are taking over my wardrobe I don't even notice anymore!

Above is a selection of polka dotty items from my wardrobe, 3 polka dotty dresses from Purple, Asda and Tesco, a pretty pink polka dot shirt from River Island, my favourite polka dot cardy from M&S and pretty green polka dot scarf from Zara.

I gathered some other polka dotty items from my flat and collected them together on my, that's right, polka dotty table cloth!

Above you can see a small example of my polka dotty crockery collection, a hand painted polka dotty jewelry box with new polka dot ring, polka dotty stationary (LOVE pretty stationary!) and a polka dotty bread bin which was a present from my mum when I moved into my flat (she knows me so well!).

Even my everyday bags are polka dotty.  And not just any old polka dotty, they are Cath Kidston polka dotty, if you are going to go prints, you have to go Cath!

I never forget about footwear, and of course I have many polka dot shoes.  Here you can see my well worn old Cons and pretty polka flat pumps.

Are you dotty for polka dots?  I would LOVE to hear about your collection...


  1. I have lots of Polka Dots, they are my little obsession too!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Im glad to meet fellow Polka dotty obsessives! x

  2. Gorgeous! I adore polka dots too! Where did you get those shoes they're amazing?!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jen, it seems there a quite a few of us who are dotty for polka dots! Do you mean the blue flats? I got them at Matalan actually, they were about £6, bargintastic! The Converse I bought quite a few years back now, probably just from Schuh. x

    2. It was the flats that I meant yeah, they're so sweet! I love your Cath Kidston bags as well. I have the messenger bag in blue with polka dots, I have a bit of a Cath Kidston addiction to match my polka dot one... :) x


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