10 August 2012

This Week...

I have been compiling my wish list from the new collection at Cath Kidston.  So many things I want but I have narrowed it down to these little lovelies, look at the beautiful scalloped peter pan collar on the red dress and the print of the cardy and black dress are so pretty.  I can imagine those dresses would become faves in my wardrobe.  Also look at those socks, they have teeny squirrels on! I already have a spot washed messenger bag, but it's a different colour and you know I wouldn't grumble at having a shiny new red one! Pic Source: Cath Kidston

I discovered a fantastic new blog, Adrian Loves Owls, and I am totally jealous of Adrian's style.  She puts together such awesome outfits, and I love her glasses and wish I could pull off tattoo sleeves like her, so cool.  Go check out her blog NOW!  Pic Source: Adrian Loves Owls

Speaking of cool blogs, I discovered another lovely this week too, such a good week for blog discoveries! The Hummingbird Girls have serious style, it must be so fun to share a blog with your best friends. Pic Source: Hummingbird Girls

I discovered these little lovelies in Marks and Spencer this week, wow! When did M&S get so hip, I love these little printed dresses, I am such a sucker for a cute print, especially an animal print. I apologise that the pics are so small, but when stealing them from the website they didn't turn out to be the best quality (don't you hate it when that happens! Let us steal quality images fashion sites!!)  But to have a closer look..

Squirrel print dress (on left) Clover print dress (3rd along) Deer print dress (on right) and the Owl print dress, 2nd one along is apparently so popular it has sold out already, or so says the Daily Mail M&S selling out, what is the world coming to?  It is rather pretty though.  I would settle for the Squirrel one, how cute! Pic Source: Marks and Spencer

And lastly, how nice was this picture, splashed all over the press this week??? Aw! I love it, so nice to see them forgetting about all that formality and being quite normal looking.  I am super surprised just how interested I have been in the Olympics actually, wasn't the least bit interested in the run up to it and thought chances are I can easily forget its on and just change the channel.  I don't watch any form of sport on TV usually, yawn yawn yawn, but it has sucked me in, have really enjoyed watching it actually, but there hasn't really been any escaping it. It does make a change from all the usual horrid news, nice to have something to make the country smile for once. Pic Source: Daily Mail

And the best thing about this week, I don't think it rained at all today (Thursday!) how mental is that! Perfect blue skies, good god, do you think Summer might actually be on it's way?  Funny that I also looked out the window this week and have started to notice the leaves turning their lovely autumnal colours....

Have a lovely weekend, hope the sun continues to shine wherever you are... x


  1. What lovely finds Jo! I keep seeing those gorgeous dresses in the M&S window display but keep stopping myself from going in...I'll only want to buy them all! Ooh, some new blogs, goodie! Going to add them to my Blogloving. Cheers me dears!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Jo :-) x

    1. Thanks loads for the kind comment Jo. The dresses really are lovely, can't wait until payday, and def do check out the blogs, they are goodies! Jo x

  2. Will & Kate are such good role models. Very much in love and classy without being snobs.

    1. I agree, I do admit to being a big fan of theirs, well all royals really! haha.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! :D

    1. I am so glad you saw it Adrian, Super happy to have you visit my little blog.

  4. that red dress must be mine!! lol
    I will go check out these blogs now :)

    1. The red dress is stunning isn't it, check out the website, there is a sleevless longer version too! Glad you are checking out the cool new blogs, thanks loads for taking the time to comment. x


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