19 August 2012

This Week...

I discovered the Models Own nail varnish website! Wow, what a collection of colours, I have so many on my 'want' list!  I've never purchased a Models Own varnish before, I have one bottle of bright pink that my sister gave me and I am so impressed by how quickly it dries (instantly) and the vibrancy of the colours. (Pic source: Models Own)

How pretty does Elycia look!!! She posted this week about how she has finally got her hair back to white.  She is one of those annoyingly lucky people who can pull off any hair colour, but I do think she looks fab here.  If you haven't checked out Elycia's blog yet, then go NOW, she is my absolute favourite blogger!  (Pic Source: Love Elycia)

I read an article stating that Bill & Ted are making a comeback!!?? Really? Could it be true!? I loved the Bill & Ted films back in the day, and the idea of a new film is exciting, but really how good is it likely to be?  These sequels ages after are never that good are they. (Pic Source: Daily Mail)

Looking good in paparazzi shots this week: 1. Keira Knightly, love her collection of summer dresses! 2. Leighton Meester as Blair on set of new series of Gossip Girl, I love Blair's style, can't wait to see this! 3. Rachel Bilson, she never makes a fashion mistake does she! This dress looks great on her, however on me I am pretty sure it would resemble a tent! 4. Loving Blake Lively's casual look, she always looks ultra groomed even in jeans! (Pic Source: Daily Mail)

This story made me cry so much! Aw, his dog is dying and is crippled with arthritis so he brings him into the sea every night until he falls asleep as the water eases his joints and makes it easier for him to sleep! Aw!!!!  I would so do that for my dog tho! (Pic Source: Daily Mail)

Sorry this post is a little late this week, I have been rather busy at work and not caught up properly, it is Clearing Week which means a mega busy, stress time for all uni's and all staff are roped in to help. Glad it's all over now though.

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