14 August 2012

This Week's Nails...

I made my first attempt at leopard print nails this week.  I'm not usually a big fan of leopard print, but I am going to a hen do soon and that is the theme, so of course my nails have to match!

It is actually quite easy, I will maybe use some different colours for the hen do, I'm sure I will blog about it though...

What I used:
Model's Own in Sophie's Pink, such a cool brand it dries instantly so great as a base colour (for the impatient like me!) Barry M in Spring Green, a very old and gloopy Barry M black (must remember to replace!) and finally my trusty Barry M clear topcoat.  I also used the tiniest of my dotting tools.

This is what you do:
Paint nails with 2 coats of your base colour.  Once dried, select 'spot' colour and use the brush to dot on random splodges, these should not be regular sizes or shapes.  Once the spots have dried, pour some black onto a scrap piece of paper, this makes it much easier to use quickly than dipping into bottle each time.  Dip end of tiny dotting tool into black paint and dot on around the splodges.  You should create sort of irregular 'brackets' round each coloured splodge.  Don't worry about neatness and getting regular black lines, leopards don't have regular spots!  Do some smaller black splodges in random places too.  Once everything dried finish with a clear topcoat.

What do you think?  Have you ever tried leopard nails?


  1. Love the colours you used, they look great :)

    Brooke x

  2. This is my fave so far, clever thing you are :) xxxx

    1. Thank you Sally, I wasn't so sure about them at first, but they are growing on me! x

  3. They look fab! I want to get the Konad nail stamping kit so I can do fun nail things :)

    1. Ooh i haven't heard of that, I'm off to investigate.... Thanks so much for your comment, x


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