22 August 2012

This Week's Nails...

This week I had another go at two tone nails.  At the weekend I went for a 'sophisticated' combination of dark grey and purple, I was rather happy with this combination and pleased that my stripes worked well.  I did wonder if the colours were a bit too dark though and the two tone maybe wasn't too obvious.

The colours I used were Barry M in 293 Grey, Barry M 312 Indigo and my Barry M clear topcoat.

So by Monday I had got bored with the grey and purple and I decided to do a brighter combination...

I love the colour combinations here, but I am not pleased at all with the leaky lines! boo!

For anyone who may not know how to do these nails, it is super easy.  Simply apply a base colour (always the lightest colour first) and paint the nail as normal.  Wait until it dries completely.  Cut up some sellotape into little strips, being careful to keep a straight line.  I always stick the strips onto my leg or the sofa or something to get some of the stickiness off first.  Do one nail at a time and apply the sellotape carefully thinking about where you want the line to be.  Stick down and smooth over so there are no holes therefore potential leakage.  Simply paint the tip of the nail, going over the tape so you get a straight edge.  As soon as you have finished whip off the tape and hopefully you have a straight line.  Wait until the second colour dries completely then paint with a clear topcoat.

My pinky red colour was quite thin I think and I didn't end up with a particularly clear line.  I was perhaps rather impatient too and didn't wait until each coat dried, oh well, will try better next time!

Colours used: Rimmel London in 810 Blue My Mind, Barry M in 290 Spring Green, Nails Inc in 388 Piccadilly Circus and Barry M clear topcoat.


  1. Fun! Makes me want to paint my nails again as well :)



    1. Thank you so much for your comment Marielle. I just checked out your blog too, wow I love all the polka dots, you might be interested in tomorrow's blog post, I'm going polka dotty too! x


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