28 September 2012

I am going to be a Bridesmaid!!!

OMG OMG tomorrow I am going to be a bridesmaid! Tomorrow! I cannot believe it is here, we have been thinking about and planning this wedding for nearly a year, and it's tomorrow!!

It is my brother's wedding, he is marrying the beautiful Nikki and my sister and I, along with her best friend Jane, are being the bridesmaids. 

This is me above in my dress, don't I look stunning! Haha, I wish that was me! It is my dress however, unfortunately I won't look anywhere near as nice in it as this lady.

This is Jen's dress.  We have gone for same colour, same material, same designer but just slightly different dresses, which I think is a nice idea.  Jen is way more brave than me (and looks amazing in this!) so she has gone for full on strapless, where as I prefer a higher neckline, so mine has a one shoulder strap.

We shall be wearing simple silver accessories, silver earings and small silver chains, silver nails and silver sandals to go with our dresses. (Pic source: Dessy)

I am super excited because we are getting our hair and make-up done.  (something along the lines of this pic above). I have obviously been to the hairdresser before, but not actually ever for an 'up do'.  I'm never one of those super girly girls who spends money and effort to look nice for nights out, but for once I wanted to see what I would look like if someone who knows what they are doing did my hair and make-up for me, I might actually look half way decent for once so very excited for this bit. (Pic source: Pinterest, no original source sorry)

I will hopefully have some good wedding snaps to show you all next week.  I will make sure to get some decent ones of Nikki in her dress, I have had a snek preview and I just know she is going to looking amazing.  I can't wait... I'm so not going to be able to sleep tonight...

26 September 2012

A Very Dotty Birthday

So it was my birthday at the weekend, I don't really like making a big deal about these things I am too old so didn't do anything special and I didn't expect any pressies, so was very pleasantly surprised to get so many nice things.

There was definitely a theme to my presents, it's like people think I like polka dots or something! Haha! (I'm joking I really am crazy about them, check here for more evidence)  The kettle and cutlery were from my lovely boyfriend.

My new Cath Kidston bag was from my amazing sister dearest. Cath and dots, oh what can be better?

Yet more Cath, yet more dots, these little lovelies are from my mummy.  Can't wait for a nice dry day to debut these.

Even my perfume is spotty (who knew that was possible!) another lovely pressie from mummy, she spoils me!

I was a happy bunny going to work on Monday morning wearing as many new birthday presents as possible, does anyone else do that???

24 September 2012

The First Signs of Autumn

Saturday was officially the first day of Autumn and what a stunning day we had! The weather was absolutely perfect, my kind of weather, beautifully sunny but not blazing hot with a little crisp chill allowing you to wear a coat and a cosy jumper, perfect.

I can't help myself documenting these first exciting signs of Autumn, everything just looks so pretty at this time of year.  They (who are they??) say that it will be an especially colourful Autumn due to the amount of rain we have had this year, so I can't wait for all the trees to turn properly.

Here are a few little pictures of some of the first early Autumn signs I have found.

Sure sign of Autumn for me is wanting to drink hot chocolate and eat flapjack all day. The dining room has just opened again at work for the new students, oh I have missed my little Costa breaks.  Great for putting a smile on my face during the busy working day, not so great for the waistline....!

On Saturday Mark and I went mountain biking to Mabie Forest, one of the 7 Stanes routes in Scotland.  We did the red route which is the hard one, 19km of single track purpose built mountain bike route and it was suuuuuper tough.  My legs were aching so much when I got home, but was well worth it. Was just the most beautiful day, the weather was stunning and that place is breathtaking, I could live there forever in that forest, so pretty, calm and silent, utterly relaxing (if it were not for struggling up the massive hills of course!).

23 September 2012

This Week...

I have been window shopping for blouses this week.  I live in dresses, but recently after a wardrobe sort out I remembered I have lots of nice skirts, so I would like some pretty new blouses to wear with them.  I discovered these beauties at Forever 21, super cute, I love the peter pan collars and pretty shapes and prints, but best of all they are £16.75 each, I love a good bargain!

I was incredibly jealous by all the talk about Renegade Craft Fair this week. I used to live in London, I don't regret moving back home to Carlisle as my life is WAY better than it was down there, however sometimes when unbelievably cool things like Renegade happen I do still wish I lived there. Boo.  Check out Adventures and Tea Parties, Jo blogged about her visit and posted loads of pretty pictures. Also check out the London artists page on the main website for those of us who didn't go, this is the next best thing as it links to all their websites and Etsy stores so we can buy all the pretty crafty things online, wuhu!

Downton Abbey returned this week and I could not be happier.  Surely the best British period drama since Pride & Prejudice, I am enjoying it so much.  Plus there was a wedding this week too, extra exciting! I adore the 20's fashion, going to be a brilliant series I can tell already! (Pic Source: ITV)

Kat Von D was all over the celeb pages this week with her new boyf Deadmau5.  Kat is my fave celeb to see in the celeb pages, I love her, she is so cool, so was super excited to see this news story.  Ah, glad she has found a nice new boyf, hope this one treats her right. (Pic source Daily Mail)

Kelly Osbourne looked amazing this week appearing on TV promoting her new TV show.  First she was on This Morning, check out this link for the full video of her appearance http://www.itv.com/thismorning/showbiz/kelly-osbourne-on-life-fashion-and-love/ then she was on Alan Carr on Friday night too, looking even more amazing in a Dolce & Gabanna dress. You can watch the episode here http://www.channel4.com/programmes/alan-carr-chatty-man

Been rather sporadic with the blog posts this week, seem to have not been so organised.  Also this weekend was my birthday so I was trying to chill out a bit and not spend so much time glued to the internet.  I have decided as from next week I will only blog 3 times, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I love blogging, it is my main 'hobby' and I started this blog for me as a way to collect the things I like and for a creative outlet. I really enjoy putting it together but posting every week day brings quite a bit of pressure and I am finding that I spend too much time on the internet.  Having a routine is important to me also, I think if I just aimed to blog every once in a while I would just forget to blog or put it off, having a structure and set days to work to is the best way for me, I like a certain amount of pressure even if it is just for myself, it motivates me that way.  I still have so many ideas for my blog, my notebooks are full of things I am still yet to post. With only posting 3 days per week I will no longer be putting together my regular 'This Week' posts on a Friday.  As I love these types of posts and love collecting fun and interesting things that I have seen I will instead combine them into a monthly feature towards the end of each month, so look out for those.

Just to take this opportunity to thank all my loyal readers and commenters, it amazes me that people actually read my ramblings! All the kind comments and followers really motivate me and make me want to make my blog better and better.  Thank you, you are much appreciated! x

19 September 2012

This Week's Nails...

I have gone for spotty nails, yet again, this week! I do love a spotty nail.  When I have my nails like this I get so many comments and compliments I just think they are quite striking and obviously simple and effective to do.

Green and blue is one of my fave colour combinations and these shades go together so well.  Do you like my 'arty' soapy hand pose?  I photograph my nails so much I get bored of regular hand poses, so trying to mix it up a bit! haha.

I used Barry M nail varnishes for this look, 290 Spring Green, 291 Cobalt Blue and a clear topcoat.  I also used two different sized dotting tools.  These dotting tools are one of my best discoveries this year, so easy to use and perfect dots every time.  You can buy them here.

18 September 2012

MOVIES - Me Without You

In the second of my MOVIES series I want to tell you about my second favourite film Me Without You.  In case you missed it you can read about my first fave film here.

This movie did not get a very big cinema release, it certainly didn't make it to the big screen in little old Carlisle! I believe I first heard about it through magazines when it was released on DVD (actually come on, it was totally a video in those days wasn't it and I still have said video!).  It was one of those reviews you read and know you will just love the movie.  The first thing that drew me to the film was Michelle Williams, I was (ok still am!) a massive Dawson's Creek fan and Jen was by far the best character (well after Pacey of course, swoooooon!) so I was intrigued to see her in something else, this was way before she hit the big time and started getting all those Oscar nominations (and is horribly robbed every time).  Since the movie I became an even bigger Michelle Williams fan, she is such a good actress and I loved her character Holly in this movie.  In fact I have loved every movie she has done and every character she has plays since. (major girl crush!).

So if you haven't seen it, and not many people seem to have ever even heard of it! Michelle plays Holly the intelligent, brooding, romantic supposedly plain one (yeah, er not!) and Anna Friel is the popular, wild, slutty Marina.  They are best friends and the movie starts with them as little girls, through high school and uni into adulthood.  They go through their fair share of best friend issues. This is what makes the film so amazing, it really captures well that love/hate/jealousy relationship you have with your best girl friends.

The movie is fantastic in so many ways, but the student scenes set in the 80's are my favourite.  I wish I was a student in the 80's! the film has such brilliant club scenes, music and fashion.  The best bit is the line 'there is no me without you' uttered by Marina in one of the many instances in the film where the pair have fallen out.  That quote is just heartbreaking in so many ways.

If you haven't seen this film, then of course I am going to say you MUST! It is not your average brainless 'chick flic', it is quite dark, clever and very serious in some places.  It really does go deep into female relationships, has the amazing Michelle Williams in it, brilliant 80's fashion, amazing music, lovely love story... what else do you need in a movie?

Here is the official trailer to tempt you some more... it is quite bad quality, sorry couldn't find a decent YouTube one, but if you go here... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0263725/ you can watch it in much better quality.

 You can also pick up the DVD mega cheap on Amazon! (All pics from IMDB)
What do you think?  Have you seen it?  have you even heard of it? Would like to know your thoughts...


17 September 2012

I ♥ September

I can't tell you HOW much I love this time of year and just how excited I am by the coming Autumn and Winter.  Ok, it may be slightly odd, but I'm not a Summer person, yes the thought of long sunny evenings in beer gardens with friends is appealing, but let's be realistic, I live in Cumbria, did we have like er 2 long sunny evenings all Summer?  I love Autumn, it feels like it is just round the corner... I can't wait for cold crisp mornings, snuggled in new woolly tights, a new coat and a chunky knitted snood. I love the change of light, I love bonfire night and Halloween, and the run up to Christmas and then the promise of snow and sledging. I will always be an Autumn/Winter person. (Pic sources above 1. Skunkboy Blog 2.  The Clothes Horse 3. Keiko Lynn)

It helps of course that my birthday is this month and the start of the new school term is this month.  Very sad I realise, but I was always soooo excited for the start of school.  A new teacher, a whole new school uniform, new shoes, new school bag and of course the best bit, a shiny new pencil case full of shiny new pens and pencils! Ah! My year will always start in September, my brain thinks in academic years.  I guess because I obviously turn a year older this month but I have been in school and uni for so many years and now work in a uni, that I am just tuned into the academic timetable. I have such happy memories of my route to school via an oak tree lined street and crunching acorns as we walked (I can't bring myself to step on them now!) Oak trees for me are a symbol of this time of year and remind me of the new school term.  This, for anyone who wonders, is why I have an oak leaf tattooed on my arm.  I was so happy today to see my first acorns on the ground from these very oak trees.  (Pic sources above: 1. Pinterest, no original source sorry, 2. Flashes of Style blog 3. Daily Dose of Dana)

Over the past week I have been window shopping (online naturally) for new winter coats, tights, snugly cardigans and jumpers.  I have planned a whole new look and wardrobe in my head.  I have also been pinning Autumn looks onto my Pinterest like crazy, as you can tell by the pics here.  Autumn fashion is way better than Summer in my opinion, you get to wear more clothes, and layers!

Well I am off to watch YouTube video tutorials on how to crochet a chunky snood...  I will leave you with two of my very favourite Autumn inspiration pins... so pretty.... (Pic sources above 1. Vizualise US 2. Academichic 3. The Moptop 4. No original source, sorry)

(Pic sources above: 1. Hello I'm Tiger 2. Calivintage)

Are you an Autumn person?  What are you most excited about for the coming season?

14 September 2012

This Week...

This week so many of my fave bloggers have been blogging about the Annual Blogger Picnic in New York. Check out Kalie's post here and Kater's post here.  All these ladies look so stylish, I want to be friends with them! This pic is from Rebecca's Instagram feed, which you can view here if you are not on Instagram. I'm @perfecthidingplace if you want to follow mine!

I discovered a new favourite fashion blog this week http://www.calivintage.com/ I love Erin's style.  Her blog is a mix of her own quirky outfit posts as well as pics from her fave designers and collections.  Super lovely, check it out! (Pic Source: Calivintage)

Super impressed by Victoria Beckham's 'Victoria' range unveiled at New York Fashion Week this week.  I love the floral dress on the end, so pretty. I am guessing it will be a little out of my price range and probably only available in size zero! Haha! (Pic Source: Daily Mail)

And speaking of New York fashion Week looking amazing on the 'Frow' were Florence, Kirsten Dunst, Alexa Chung (some random bloke) and Rose Byrne.  Super jealous, I want to go! (Pic Source: Daily Mail)

I have felt quite poo this week too, I came down with a cold, I don't really ever get ill so I'm kind of a baby when I actually do.  I just want someone to come round, cook me dinner and tuck me up in bed with a cup of something warm, sometimes living alone sucks!

13 September 2012

Granny Square Update

Way back in May I blogged about my very first granny square. Since then I have made MANY MANY more! I didn't have a clue where I was going with my first square, and I just picked green and made a solid green square because, well er, I like green!

So I just kept going making green squares until I got bored and decided to be a bit more adventurous...

I figured out how to change colours and added some blue!

I then decided that I should probably figure out where I am going with these squares and what I want to make.  So I decided to be ambitious and make a blanket!  I went to my local haberdashery shop, the amazing Fun2Do (I could live in there!) and decided to pick some pretty colours, I had no colour plan at this point I thought I would just see what other colours they had in the same brand as my green.  I picked a bright yellow and a pink and a purple, I love really bright primary colours best.

Being the organised person I am I decided to put a plan in place so my blanket has some sort of pattern to it.  I laid the completed squares onto an existing favourite blanket and worked out how many squares I would need to make my desired size.  I then did some maths (eek!) and worked out that I needed 12 different squares and 8 of each to form my pattern.  I even worked out what the 12 different squares would look like and drew a grid of 12 x8, numbered the 8 different squares and worked out my pattern on the grid, so organised!

I am sticking to the same colours, but obviously I will do some more interesting ones and not just block coloured ones.  I am edging them all in green so that my blanket will have green joins and green edges.  I am soooo excited to finish it, but rather a long way to go yet...

Do you have any crochet projects on the go? Send me a link, would love to have a peak...

11 September 2012

Style Crush - Kelly Osbourne

I LOVE Kelly, I have been a fan of her for years and have always admired her style.  Yes, even when she was a bratty teenager on The Osbournes, I still thought she was cool!  I actually went to see her play live when she was going her whole 'trying to be a singer' phase - oh dear I shouldn't have admitted that should I? Haha!

She always looks great and she is so brave with her outfit choices.  I wish I was even half as brave.  I love how she looks different in every picture, different style, different hair do, she changes her look so often.

Kelly has had some stick over the years over her size and weight, she was never huge, but even when she was bigger she was super brave with her fashion.  Now she is teeny tiny!  I think I like her less polished looks best, her quirky rock chick looks suit her best. (All pics from www.look.co.uk)

What do you think of Kelly?  Would like to hear other points of view. 

10 September 2012

I went to a Hen Party!

So this weekend was my 'Sister in law to be' Nikki's hen party.  I haven't been to many hen parties, so I was super excited about a big night out with the girls. Nikki is the one in the black sash in the middle, looking ultra glam.

We went to Newcastle, which is, for people who may not know, a massive party city, there are bars everywhere and they were all so packed, which created a brilliant fun atmosphere.

The theme, if you cannot tell! was leopard print, I am wearing leopard print tights and have a little leopard print bag, and of course leopard nails.  I'm not sure I fit super well with this group, I don't know what to wear for going out, it's been WAY too long! Haha! I think I possibly had to be the only woman in Newcastle with a cardigan on, Newcastle women are famed for their lack of clothes on nights out!

We started at the Fat Bhudda, where we had a cocktail making class, this is me attempting to be Tom Cruise in Cocktail! Haha, I don't look overly confident with my bar sills do I!

Here is Nikki and Emma showing me how it should be done...

Next we went to Revolution and then ended the night dancing away in the VIP area of Florita's (apparently THE celeb bar to be seen in, get us!)

Was a fab night, and met some lovely new people.

9 September 2012

This Week...

I loved this picture from The Satorialist this week. There is nothing that makes me happier than purchasing a massive stack of fashion magazines to browse through on a lazy afternoon.  This packed little magazine stand looks like heaven to me. (Pic Source: The Satorialist)

Keira Knightley looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet this week, promoting Anna Karenina, which I can't wait to see.  How wonderful would it be to dress up like this just for one day? (Pic source: Daily Mail)

Other people looking great on the red carpet this week, Christina Ricci, love this pretty flowery lacey dress, Gwyneth looking ultra groomed as usual, simple outfit with statement shoes, love it. I really do like Ashley Simpson's style, she looks a bit more grown up than usual here. And finally Katy Perry, she always looks fab too, I really love her hair, makes me want to get mine cut shorter again. (Pic source: Daily Mail)

I discovered this fox print dress from Isabel Knowles this week, how pretty! I want this sooo much. Check out more of her beautiful creations on her blog here... http://iknowlesnothing.blogspot.co.uk/

A little present from me to me (the best kind!) arrived in the post this week.  Sooo happy with it, looks so cute on my iPhone.  I must admit I have admired this case since seeing it on the Dainty Squid I was really surprised to find it so cheaply on Amazon, I had to have it.

6 September 2012

Leopard Hunt...

I have been invited to a hen party this weekend, it is actually my new sister to be Nikki's hen do, so I am super excited about it.  Nikki is obsessed with leopard print, so the theme of the hen do is leopard! I was thinking of going dressed up as a Leopard but it's perhaps not that kind of crowd! haha!  So, ugh of course I had to go shopping for the event, chore!  I am not the biggest leopard print fan, so I was a little scared...

I do actually really like these dresses above, the more I look at leopard print, the more it grows on me.  Number 1 is Asos, I love the style and shape. Number 2 is Dorothy Perkins, really like the colour, less brown the better.  Number 3 is Topshop, again love this shape.

1. Jeans from ASOS, great colour. 2. Jacket from River Island. 3. Shoes River Island. 4. Shoes ASOS, I do actually LOVE these, have always been a big fan of creepers.

My inspiration for my leopard outfit is...

This is Katie, from What katie Wore, I was such a fan of this blog and checked it everyday, so sad that it ended.  But I LOVE Katie's leopard outfit, I love the mix of colours.  Leopard print for me is do-able if it is coloured!
After searching for coloured leopard prints, I got nervous about being so bright in a print I wasn't comfortable with so I settled on grey! I actually really love these subtle prints, so above is my final outfit. Little plain black dress, from Ebay, cute teeny leopard bag, also Ebay, dark grey leopard print tights M&S and plain grey trusty cardy from M&S.  I might go colourful with the nails of course!

What do you think of leopard print, are you a fan?