5 September 2012

A Few Recent Pins...

What is it about crochet? It seems like everyone is obsessed at the moment! Me included of course.  I tried knitting again not so long ago and was always getting so frustrated, I only finished one project (and started many, many times over) but even my completed snood was a bit crap, and had holes in and silly mistakes.  But with crochet I just don't make mistakes, or I just un-ravel easily and start the section again.  It is so easy and so enjoyable, I even taught my friends, who are now just as hooked (oh I am hilarious!) as me!  I love the look of crochet, and your work builds so much faster than knitting so it is extra satisfying.

1. Coats & Clark on Ravelry (if you have not checked out ravelry and you are into crochet, then you are missing out!!!)
2. Sarah London (includes pattern)
3. Naju on Etsy I adore this necklace, super sweet!
4. Heidi Bears excellent site with great tutorials.  Scalloped edge crochet, wow!

I can't help but pin a million crochet pictures recently, so I thought I would share, as I suspect some of you blogger folks are a little partial to some pretty crochet pics too...

5. Colour Heaven on Flikr I want my sofa to look like this!
6. Colacorelinha such a sweet idea.
7. Crochet Me these are definately on my project to do list
8. Kovale on Etsy wow, I would love to get this good!
9. Stitch of Love super pretty looking granny squares
10. Bunny Mummy wow heart grannys, want to try these!

Are you crocheting crazy at the moment?  I would love to hear about your recent projects or peak through your crochet pins, do leave me some links...

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  1. I love the garland necklace, how cute!!
    I pinned the nail polish bottles too, they are too fun ox


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