13 September 2012

Granny Square Update

Way back in May I blogged about my very first granny square. Since then I have made MANY MANY more! I didn't have a clue where I was going with my first square, and I just picked green and made a solid green square because, well er, I like green!

So I just kept going making green squares until I got bored and decided to be a bit more adventurous...

I figured out how to change colours and added some blue!

I then decided that I should probably figure out where I am going with these squares and what I want to make.  So I decided to be ambitious and make a blanket!  I went to my local haberdashery shop, the amazing Fun2Do (I could live in there!) and decided to pick some pretty colours, I had no colour plan at this point I thought I would just see what other colours they had in the same brand as my green.  I picked a bright yellow and a pink and a purple, I love really bright primary colours best.

Being the organised person I am I decided to put a plan in place so my blanket has some sort of pattern to it.  I laid the completed squares onto an existing favourite blanket and worked out how many squares I would need to make my desired size.  I then did some maths (eek!) and worked out that I needed 12 different squares and 8 of each to form my pattern.  I even worked out what the 12 different squares would look like and drew a grid of 12 x8, numbered the 8 different squares and worked out my pattern on the grid, so organised!

I am sticking to the same colours, but obviously I will do some more interesting ones and not just block coloured ones.  I am edging them all in green so that my blanket will have green joins and green edges.  I am soooo excited to finish it, but rather a long way to go yet...

Do you have any crochet projects on the go? Send me a link, would love to have a peak...


  1. Ooh love these colour combinations Jo! I don't have any crochet projects on the go purely because I haven't learnt to crochet...yet! :-) I do, however, have two knitting projects on the go - a jumper (in yummy burnt orange colour) and some socks (in pink). I'm going to share the progress on my blog soon! Will send you a link too.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished project in all its glory!
    Jo :-) x

    1. Hi Jo, thanks for the comment. Ooh I'm excited to see your knitting projects. You must be WAY better than me, I gave up on knitting, found it too hard. If you can knit a jumper you will find crochet super easy! Good luck with the projects x

  2. Love green! I admire how you at least started out with no plan and just decided to see where it went because I have been working on being a little more relaxed and free with my creative projects recently - I'm always worried I'll mess something up! This looks like it's going to turn out beautifully. Darn it, everyone's crocheting and I really need to get on the bandwagon and join in! x

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for your kind comment. You def need to start crocheting! It is super fun! I'm not to good about being relaxed and free with projects, I naturally want to plan and make lists, it's difficult to try and break out of that! haha. x

  3. I can't wait to see when its all finished, its coming together well :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I will no doubt be blogging about the finished blanket, probably in about ten years time! haha! x


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