17 September 2012

I ♥ September

I can't tell you HOW much I love this time of year and just how excited I am by the coming Autumn and Winter.  Ok, it may be slightly odd, but I'm not a Summer person, yes the thought of long sunny evenings in beer gardens with friends is appealing, but let's be realistic, I live in Cumbria, did we have like er 2 long sunny evenings all Summer?  I love Autumn, it feels like it is just round the corner... I can't wait for cold crisp mornings, snuggled in new woolly tights, a new coat and a chunky knitted snood. I love the change of light, I love bonfire night and Halloween, and the run up to Christmas and then the promise of snow and sledging. I will always be an Autumn/Winter person. (Pic sources above 1. Skunkboy Blog 2.  The Clothes Horse 3. Keiko Lynn)

It helps of course that my birthday is this month and the start of the new school term is this month.  Very sad I realise, but I was always soooo excited for the start of school.  A new teacher, a whole new school uniform, new shoes, new school bag and of course the best bit, a shiny new pencil case full of shiny new pens and pencils! Ah! My year will always start in September, my brain thinks in academic years.  I guess because I obviously turn a year older this month but I have been in school and uni for so many years and now work in a uni, that I am just tuned into the academic timetable. I have such happy memories of my route to school via an oak tree lined street and crunching acorns as we walked (I can't bring myself to step on them now!) Oak trees for me are a symbol of this time of year and remind me of the new school term.  This, for anyone who wonders, is why I have an oak leaf tattooed on my arm.  I was so happy today to see my first acorns on the ground from these very oak trees.  (Pic sources above: 1. Pinterest, no original source sorry, 2. Flashes of Style blog 3. Daily Dose of Dana)

Over the past week I have been window shopping (online naturally) for new winter coats, tights, snugly cardigans and jumpers.  I have planned a whole new look and wardrobe in my head.  I have also been pinning Autumn looks onto my Pinterest like crazy, as you can tell by the pics here.  Autumn fashion is way better than Summer in my opinion, you get to wear more clothes, and layers!

Well I am off to watch YouTube video tutorials on how to crochet a chunky snood...  I will leave you with two of my very favourite Autumn inspiration pins... so pretty.... (Pic sources above 1. Vizualise US 2. Academichic 3. The Moptop 4. No original source, sorry)

(Pic sources above: 1. Hello I'm Tiger 2. Calivintage)

Are you an Autumn person?  What are you most excited about for the coming season?


  1. 100% with you on this Jo! I LOVE autumn, definitely my favourite season by far. The crisp mornings, wearing lovely wooly cardigans and jumpers and snuggling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and my knitting. I always feel more alive and energetic in autumn. Also, find it a very inspirational time of year...maybe, like you, it's that whole fresh start with new school terms (despite me leaving those days a LONG time ago!) that gives me more energy? Whatever it is, I love that feeling.

    Happy Autumn Jo!
    :-) x

    1. Thanks for such a lovely comment Jo. I am glad others feel the same way about this time of year. It really is exciting isn't it, there is certainly a sense of 'new' about it and you are right I do feel energised as well, I want to start things and do new things, it's inspiring.

      Happy Autumn to you too! x


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