18 September 2012

MOVIES - Me Without You

In the second of my MOVIES series I want to tell you about my second favourite film Me Without You.  In case you missed it you can read about my first fave film here.

This movie did not get a very big cinema release, it certainly didn't make it to the big screen in little old Carlisle! I believe I first heard about it through magazines when it was released on DVD (actually come on, it was totally a video in those days wasn't it and I still have said video!).  It was one of those reviews you read and know you will just love the movie.  The first thing that drew me to the film was Michelle Williams, I was (ok still am!) a massive Dawson's Creek fan and Jen was by far the best character (well after Pacey of course, swoooooon!) so I was intrigued to see her in something else, this was way before she hit the big time and started getting all those Oscar nominations (and is horribly robbed every time).  Since the movie I became an even bigger Michelle Williams fan, she is such a good actress and I loved her character Holly in this movie.  In fact I have loved every movie she has done and every character she has plays since. (major girl crush!).

So if you haven't seen it, and not many people seem to have ever even heard of it! Michelle plays Holly the intelligent, brooding, romantic supposedly plain one (yeah, er not!) and Anna Friel is the popular, wild, slutty Marina.  They are best friends and the movie starts with them as little girls, through high school and uni into adulthood.  They go through their fair share of best friend issues. This is what makes the film so amazing, it really captures well that love/hate/jealousy relationship you have with your best girl friends.

The movie is fantastic in so many ways, but the student scenes set in the 80's are my favourite.  I wish I was a student in the 80's! the film has such brilliant club scenes, music and fashion.  The best bit is the line 'there is no me without you' uttered by Marina in one of the many instances in the film where the pair have fallen out.  That quote is just heartbreaking in so many ways.

If you haven't seen this film, then of course I am going to say you MUST! It is not your average brainless 'chick flic', it is quite dark, clever and very serious in some places.  It really does go deep into female relationships, has the amazing Michelle Williams in it, brilliant 80's fashion, amazing music, lovely love story... what else do you need in a movie?

Here is the official trailer to tempt you some more... it is quite bad quality, sorry couldn't find a decent YouTube one, but if you go here... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0263725/ you can watch it in much better quality.

 You can also pick up the DVD mega cheap on Amazon! (All pics from IMDB)
What do you think?  Have you seen it?  have you even heard of it? Would like to know your thoughts...



  1. I've seen this film and did love it, I'm also a huge Jen/Dawson Creek fan. It was a program which use to get me through hangovers on Sunday on T4.
    Hmmm, Dermot.

    1. Yeah I am so happy that others have seen it and loved it too. I miss Dawson's Creek, my sis is re-watching all the box sets from series 1 at the moment and going to lend to me too, we do this every couple of years,it is always just as fab as 'back in the day'.

  2. I loved this film and I usually HATE girl films! I thought is was a really great friendship story and beautifully designed and filmed.

    1. Yeah, glad you liked it too. I suppose it's not really a trypical 'girly' film its not a silly romcom anyway, it has a bit more depth to it. I think any girl can relate to it really.

  3. I love this film too! I also have it on VHS, haha! :D

    1. Yeah, so happy that people have seen it too, it just seems like one of those films that sneaked past people! hehe, VHS rules! (I still have a video player and still watch them, oh dear!)


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