24 September 2012

The First Signs of Autumn

Saturday was officially the first day of Autumn and what a stunning day we had! The weather was absolutely perfect, my kind of weather, beautifully sunny but not blazing hot with a little crisp chill allowing you to wear a coat and a cosy jumper, perfect.

I can't help myself documenting these first exciting signs of Autumn, everything just looks so pretty at this time of year.  They (who are they??) say that it will be an especially colourful Autumn due to the amount of rain we have had this year, so I can't wait for all the trees to turn properly.

Here are a few little pictures of some of the first early Autumn signs I have found.

Sure sign of Autumn for me is wanting to drink hot chocolate and eat flapjack all day. The dining room has just opened again at work for the new students, oh I have missed my little Costa breaks.  Great for putting a smile on my face during the busy working day, not so great for the waistline....!

On Saturday Mark and I went mountain biking to Mabie Forest, one of the 7 Stanes routes in Scotland.  We did the red route which is the hard one, 19km of single track purpose built mountain bike route and it was suuuuuper tough.  My legs were aching so much when I got home, but was well worth it. Was just the most beautiful day, the weather was stunning and that place is breathtaking, I could live there forever in that forest, so pretty, calm and silent, utterly relaxing (if it were not for struggling up the massive hills of course!).


  1. I love the autumn pics!!! So so beautiful! I am glad you jumped into autumn too….quite scary that my last post also had lotsv leafy pics AND featured a costa cup lol. Thats autumn for you lol xxxxx

    1. Thanks Sally. Yeah I think everyone is a little obsessed with leaves and Costa at the moment (well im always obsessed with Costa, haha). x

  2. What beautiful photographs! You've managed to sum up what Autumn is all about from these pics :)xx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Imogen. x


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