4 September 2012

This Month... August

New Movies/TV Shows

« Dexter, so this is not a new to me TV show, rather a massive current fave.  We just got series 5 and watched it far too quickly.  Sometimes Dexter gets way too tense I can't watch, but it is sooo addictive, if you have not watched it then you MUST! « True Blood, again not a new one, but I have just enjoyed watching series 5, so sad that it is over and will have to wait a year until the next one.  « Great British Bake Off, this is too good! I love the silly jokes and innuendo from Mel & Sue, this programme is almost as good as actually eating cake (well sort of!)  « The Lucky One, if you like Dear John and the Notebook you will love this classic (not at all predictable!?!) Nicholas Sparks adaptation.  Yeah it is a bit cheesy, but if you are in the mood for a romantic, happy ending, girly cry fest, then this is perfect! TV has been kind of rubbish this month, nothing much at all, I have got through quite a bit of my SATC box sets for the millionth time!  Roll on September and all the new series starting, wuhu!

New Blogs Discovered

« Decor8 - I could just gaze at this pretty interiors blog all day, sigh...
« Deep Fried Freckles - Wish I could draw like Malia, super inspirational illustration blog.
« Pretty Confused - It's great discovering fantastic, entertaining UK blogs, this is a new fave.

Things that made me smile

« Solfest, a big highlight of the summer! « My office move at work.  « Discovering Glasgow, (a wee bit).  « Visits from my Sister.  « Mountain Biking.  « Crochet, pizza and gossip evenings with good friends.  « Rare sunny days.  « Craft Fairs.  « The gym (shock horror!).  « New make-up.  « Lovely blog comments and new followers. « Cosy evenings in with my Marky (my favourite thing ever!).

I am soooo excited about September, it is my all time favourite month, after spending so many years in education, and now working in education September will always be the start of my year (not to mention my birthday) the nights draw in, the tights and wolly hats come out, Autumn is round the corner... and my big brother gets married this month!!! soooo exciting!


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely new blog recommendations, i love Deep Fried Freckles!!!!!

    Love this post, and i cant wait till Autumn either or to watch Great British Bake off later, yay!!!!!xxxx

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Sally. I am so glad I introduced you to some new blogs, I love discovering new ones.

      Wasn't Great British Bake off good tonight? I am so pleased Brandon got star baker, he is so sweet! x


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