9 September 2012

This Week...

I loved this picture from The Satorialist this week. There is nothing that makes me happier than purchasing a massive stack of fashion magazines to browse through on a lazy afternoon.  This packed little magazine stand looks like heaven to me. (Pic Source: The Satorialist)

Keira Knightley looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet this week, promoting Anna Karenina, which I can't wait to see.  How wonderful would it be to dress up like this just for one day? (Pic source: Daily Mail)

Other people looking great on the red carpet this week, Christina Ricci, love this pretty flowery lacey dress, Gwyneth looking ultra groomed as usual, simple outfit with statement shoes, love it. I really do like Ashley Simpson's style, she looks a bit more grown up than usual here. And finally Katy Perry, she always looks fab too, I really love her hair, makes me want to get mine cut shorter again. (Pic source: Daily Mail)

I discovered this fox print dress from Isabel Knowles this week, how pretty! I want this sooo much. Check out more of her beautiful creations on her blog here... http://iknowlesnothing.blogspot.co.uk/

A little present from me to me (the best kind!) arrived in the post this week.  Sooo happy with it, looks so cute on my iPhone.  I must admit I have admired this case since seeing it on the Dainty Squid I was really surprised to find it so cheaply on Amazon, I had to have it.


  1. Oh the fox print dress is amazing! I think I'm becoming a little too excited about foxes on everything this season though. I've lost count of the number of people I've insisted on showing my fox socks to! (They love it really. Ahem)

    1. Thanks for the comment Anna. hehe, I would like to see your fox print socks, they sound fab! I do love a fox print, so cute. x

  2. I love the phone case and the top picture looks a bit like the shelf in our spare room….oh dear!!!!

    Hope the hangover has well and truly gone xxxxx


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