14 September 2012

This Week...

This week so many of my fave bloggers have been blogging about the Annual Blogger Picnic in New York. Check out Kalie's post here and Kater's post here.  All these ladies look so stylish, I want to be friends with them! This pic is from Rebecca's Instagram feed, which you can view here if you are not on Instagram. I'm @perfecthidingplace if you want to follow mine!

I discovered a new favourite fashion blog this week http://www.calivintage.com/ I love Erin's style.  Her blog is a mix of her own quirky outfit posts as well as pics from her fave designers and collections.  Super lovely, check it out! (Pic Source: Calivintage)

Super impressed by Victoria Beckham's 'Victoria' range unveiled at New York Fashion Week this week.  I love the floral dress on the end, so pretty. I am guessing it will be a little out of my price range and probably only available in size zero! Haha! (Pic Source: Daily Mail)

And speaking of New York fashion Week looking amazing on the 'Frow' were Florence, Kirsten Dunst, Alexa Chung (some random bloke) and Rose Byrne.  Super jealous, I want to go! (Pic Source: Daily Mail)

I have felt quite poo this week too, I came down with a cold, I don't really ever get ill so I'm kind of a baby when I actually do.  I just want someone to come round, cook me dinner and tuck me up in bed with a cup of something warm, sometimes living alone sucks!

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