23 September 2012

This Week...

I have been window shopping for blouses this week.  I live in dresses, but recently after a wardrobe sort out I remembered I have lots of nice skirts, so I would like some pretty new blouses to wear with them.  I discovered these beauties at Forever 21, super cute, I love the peter pan collars and pretty shapes and prints, but best of all they are £16.75 each, I love a good bargain!

I was incredibly jealous by all the talk about Renegade Craft Fair this week. I used to live in London, I don't regret moving back home to Carlisle as my life is WAY better than it was down there, however sometimes when unbelievably cool things like Renegade happen I do still wish I lived there. Boo.  Check out Adventures and Tea Parties, Jo blogged about her visit and posted loads of pretty pictures. Also check out the London artists page on the main website for those of us who didn't go, this is the next best thing as it links to all their websites and Etsy stores so we can buy all the pretty crafty things online, wuhu!

Downton Abbey returned this week and I could not be happier.  Surely the best British period drama since Pride & Prejudice, I am enjoying it so much.  Plus there was a wedding this week too, extra exciting! I adore the 20's fashion, going to be a brilliant series I can tell already! (Pic Source: ITV)

Kat Von D was all over the celeb pages this week with her new boyf Deadmau5.  Kat is my fave celeb to see in the celeb pages, I love her, she is so cool, so was super excited to see this news story.  Ah, glad she has found a nice new boyf, hope this one treats her right. (Pic source Daily Mail)

Kelly Osbourne looked amazing this week appearing on TV promoting her new TV show.  First she was on This Morning, check out this link for the full video of her appearance http://www.itv.com/thismorning/showbiz/kelly-osbourne-on-life-fashion-and-love/ then she was on Alan Carr on Friday night too, looking even more amazing in a Dolce & Gabanna dress. You can watch the episode here http://www.channel4.com/programmes/alan-carr-chatty-man

Been rather sporadic with the blog posts this week, seem to have not been so organised.  Also this weekend was my birthday so I was trying to chill out a bit and not spend so much time glued to the internet.  I have decided as from next week I will only blog 3 times, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I love blogging, it is my main 'hobby' and I started this blog for me as a way to collect the things I like and for a creative outlet. I really enjoy putting it together but posting every week day brings quite a bit of pressure and I am finding that I spend too much time on the internet.  Having a routine is important to me also, I think if I just aimed to blog every once in a while I would just forget to blog or put it off, having a structure and set days to work to is the best way for me, I like a certain amount of pressure even if it is just for myself, it motivates me that way.  I still have so many ideas for my blog, my notebooks are full of things I am still yet to post. With only posting 3 days per week I will no longer be putting together my regular 'This Week' posts on a Friday.  As I love these types of posts and love collecting fun and interesting things that I have seen I will instead combine them into a monthly feature towards the end of each month, so look out for those.

Just to take this opportunity to thank all my loyal readers and commenters, it amazes me that people actually read my ramblings! All the kind comments and followers really motivate me and make me want to make my blog better and better.  Thank you, you are much appreciated! x

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