31 October 2012

This Month... October

A little round-up of things that have made me smile this month...

Meg (she is going to live with me forever now! yippee!) « Beautiful Autumn colours « Sunny days « The gym « Lovely days out with best friend and god kids « Hot chocolate « Having friends over for dinner « Lovely wedding photos « Little kittens sleeping on my pillow « Shambellie House « Getting on well with my brother « My sister moving nearer « A friend's happy baby news « Crochet

Here are a few of my favourite internet discoveries this month...

I literally squealed with excitement on discovery of this, I am a HUGE Kat Von D fan.  This is the first in a little series called Kat's Kloset and it is Kat showing us round her closet! Check out the other videos too, there is one of her shoes and one of her jewelry and latest is her mad handmade collection of oddities. Nobody is as cool as Kat!

I love everything about this delightful little ad, please watch if you have not seen it yet.

October weather makes me want to wear cosy clothes, I am dreaming about snuggly warm knitted dresses, one of these lovelies will do very nicely! L-R Fat Face Matalan White Stuff

New Movies/TV Shows

This month has been the best for TV, so excited that all my fave programmes are back (well illegally streamed from the US anyway! shhh!) 90210 yeah it's silly and trashy but just perfect mindless fun for sitting in snuggled under blankets after long day at work. Gossip Girl yep, even more silly! But have watched it from the start, love the clothes but kind of glad it's the last series, it's a bit too cringey far fetched now.  Hart of Dixie, I LOVE this show, I want to go and live in a little southern USA town like this.  Fresh Meat, I do find this little UK series funny.  Homeland wow, it just gets more exciting with each episode. And of course Downton Abbey, but shockingly this weekend is last in series, tell me it's not true! sob sob!

Exciting things coming up in November, bonfire night and a trip to Manchester can't wait!

29 October 2012

Organising Makes me Happy

So this weekend I was in a cleaning and organising mood. I do love a good cleaning and organising spree, I feel so much happier and lighter when the flat is tidy and everything is in its right place.

My little loft flat has many quirky details, it is part of its charm and why I love it so much.  One of the little oddities is this cute little corner shelving nook in my bedroom.  These little shelves used to house my Tatty Devine collection, however I was painting my nails the other day and noticed that all my polishes were all going a bit gross and dried up and gloopy as they lived in a basket, just all thrown in.  It suddenly dawned on me that I could have them all standing up properly and displayed beautifully if I moved them all to these little shelves.

I have been lusting after some shelves for my nail polish collection since I saw this amazing sight on The Dainty Squid.  It hadn't occurred to me that I already had the perfect shelves for the job, doh!

Top shelf is my blacks, greys, whites and sparklies and the oranges and yellows.

Middle shelf is the blues, purples and greens, my fave shelf I think.

The bottom shelf is the reds and pinks.  I did't think I had so many reds and pinks, I don't usually like these colours on their own so much, but I guess these are the most common sort of nail varnish colours so you just sort of acquire them.

The bad news about my new display is that I think my collection looks smaller, but of course the good news is plenty of room for more! Wuhu!

Anyone else an organising freak like me?

26 October 2012

The Hunt for the Perfect Winter Coat

At this time of year I get super excited about coats! I love wearing coats I do! I don't like it in Summer when it gets too hot for a coat, I just don't feel dressed properly to go out of the house unless I'm wearing a coat. (weirdo!)

I thought I would share some pics of my coat search with you.  The one on the left, above, is from Next and is £52, and the one on the right is £45 from Matalan.  I do love the detailing on the Next number and it is a pretty colour and a bit different, however I am sad to report I went to visit it in an actual shop and was dissapointed. I was determined I loved it, until seeing it in real life, humph! (why is that always the way, things look way better online than in real life!)I do love the dark green Matalan complete with fluffy hood, and at that price it could maybe be a secondary coat!

I do like this one, it is £44.99 from New Look.  Perhaps I could get the green lovely and this blue one! I am quite willing to spend a little bit more on a coat, I think coats are certainly one of those things you should invest in and cheap coats sometimes do look, well cheap.

This one however, above, is my very fave, I WANT it badly! This one is ASOS and is a bit more expensive at £80, but that isn't too expensive for a coat. I love the details, I think details are super important on a coat, the back seam here is so pretty, I love the over sized hood and pockets and the pom poms!  As you can tell I am lusting after duffel coats this year, and a hood is very important to me too as I detest umbrellas!

Whilst researching this post I made the STUPID mistake of going on Modcloth! why, why would I do that to myself? Warning, never ever go on this website you will feel horribly depressed for the rest of the day, I warned you! I literally want everything on this site, the dresses are simply perfect! The coats obviously are not bad either, how pretty are these lovelies? (and I would be willing to put up with an umbrella for one of these beauties) Modcloth is quite expensive but what makes it even more unattainable is the fact that it is based in the US, so god knows how much shipping and tax costs would be on top? These 3 will remain but a dream...

What coat are you sporting this season, would love to have a nose, send me links...

24 October 2012

An Exhibition of Beautiful Dresses

On Monday I blogged about my visit to Shambellie House and shared all the beautiful pictures I took of the building itself.  Well today I want to share what we saw inside the house... there was a special exhibition on of 40s/50s dresses, and gosh they were pretty!
The exhibition is called Off the Peg: Fashion from the 40s and 50s, and showcased the beautiful dresses from the Horrockses Fashions Limited label.  You can read all about it here.
The exhibition itself was small, it was in one main room and had a few more dresses in a further room, but I loved it.  The room was so bright, and arranged and lit perfectly to show off the dresses.
The day dresses were by far my favourite, I love the cut of 50s dresses, super flattering and the prints are just so pretty.  My very favourite can be seen on the far right of my second photo above, I would wear this everyday if it were mine.

The exhibition also showed some house coats, or dressing gowns, I cannot imagine being bothered to be that glamorous for lounging about the house and then also some beautiful evening gowns.
Rather a lot of photos in today's post, but if you love beautiful dresses as much as me I am sure you didn't mind looking at these!
Which one is your fave?

22 October 2012

A Visit to Shambellie House

This weekend was lovely, I was staying in Dumfries, Scotland with my best friend and her kids.  On Saturday the weather was just beautiful (rare for Scotland, haha!) so we decided to get out and do something.  Neither of us had been to the Museum of Costume so we thought we would give it a look.

I love museums, especially costume museums, so I was super excited to see this, and I had no idea the museum building itself was so stunning! You arrive at the museum in a woodland car park and there is a little walk up the driveway through the grounds to reach the house.  I didn't think I would be more excited about the building than the contents, but I gasped when I saw this poking through the trees as we got closer.

We certainly picked the right day, beautiful crisp Autumn weather, all the different coloured trees framing the house was just lovely.  But I'm sure any day you come you could not fail to be impressed by this sight. The Scots really do know how to do fairytale architecture don't they!

Inside the museum did not dissapoint either.  Each room is traditionally decorated and packed with original features and furniture from the house.  It is rather like visiting a stately home, and each room is set up with mannequins showing fine period costumes.  It is beautifully curated, has such great attention to detail and no obtrusive displays and signs.  The kids had a great time too, with a family trail to complete and different things to look out for in each room.  The girls especially loved the dressing up clothes!

I can't recommend a visit highly enough, but pick a nice day so you can enjoy the grounds too.

You can find out more about the museum here http://www.nms.ac.uk/our_museums/museum_of_costume.aspx

17 October 2012

The Hunt for the Perfect Pair

I badly want some new glasses! I think I have had my current ones about 5 years.  They are such a big part of your 'look', they are right there on your face all the time so picking glasses is always a tough decision for me. (top pic all from Warby Parker)

Elycia is my inspiration, she looks so fab in her retro styles, I really am so jealous of how many pairs she has. (Pics both from Love Elycia)

I have been wearing glasses for a very long time.  I first went to the opticians when I was about 12 I believe, and I got contact lenses and glasses.  I refused to wear my glasses through my school years, but in recent years I have taken to wearing glasses a lot more than my lenses, I really only wear lenses for the gym.  I think my face looks odd without my glasses! (Two pairs above from Specsavers)

Well I would settle for any of these pairs really, I think I am certainly leaning toward a more retro style.  I like bold, thick, plastic frames. (3 pairs above from Lookmatic)

Do you wear glasses?  Where do you get your frames?  Any good bargains anyone can recommend?  My usual optician is Specsavers, but I fear their frame choice isn't that great!

15 October 2012

Style Crush - Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of those women who either looks amazing, or looks just plain well weird!  As with my previous style crushes it is obvious that I admire people who are brave with their fashion choices, and this can certainly be said of Katy.  Whilst I think some of her stage outfits would be fun to wear for a costume party for one evening, obviously this is not the 'syle' I am talking about.

She looks her best when she is caught by the paparazzi, in outfits that are clearly of her own choosing and not been picked by a stylist.  She has a gothy, rocky edge, which again I am sure when you look back over my previous crushes is a style I really like.  I either really like her outfits or really hate them, all these pics (except the random popcorn skirt stage outfit!) I really love.

I also LOVE her hair, whenever I am just getting happy with my hair and think hmmm, I may keep growing it this time, I see pics of perfect little bobs like Katy's and really want to cut it all off again. (All pics Dailymail.co.uk)

What do you think?  Are you a Katy fan?

10 October 2012

Perfect October Autumn Weather

We were going to spend the whole weekend doing work fixing up Mark's house, and we did lots on Saturday but on Sunday when we got up the weather was amazing so we thought we have to make the most of it so a trip into the Lakes was called for.

It was not too cold and lovely and sunny and due to the time of year everything was so still and clear, you could see for miles over the fells.  All of the leaves are just beginning to turn as well, so everywhere we looked was just breathtaking.

The photos were taken around Derwent Water in Keswick, which has to be one of the most stunning places in the country, I love it here, I feel so lucky to live so close.


Rather a lot of photos in this post, we took rather a lot but couldn't resist as everything seemed like a photo opportunity.  I am just sitting here trying to decide which ones to include but super pleased that they all turned out so well.

8 October 2012

This Week's Nails...

I am calling these my 'Dainty Squid' nails.  I am sure you must be familiar with Kaylah's blog, and you will know how obsessed she is with her nails.  Well she always goes on about her fab nail stickers, so I finally decided to buy them and can only say they are great!!!

I started with a base coat of pink, I used a Model's Own nail varnish as it dries super fast (and I was impatient to use my new stickers!) I then put the stickers on each nail across the middle as you can see.  Be careful to press the edges of the stickers down so you don't get any leaks.

I then painted the tops of the nail purple, making sure to go over the edge of the sticker so you get a neat line.  Then I painted the tips blue.

I purchased the nail stickers from Ebay, they are bargaintastic, for only a few pounds you get 9 sheets full of nail stickers so they will last ages.  All 9 sheets are different shapes so there are so many different nail art combinations to try. 

5 October 2012

Crochet Baby Granny Square Blanket

I am sooo happy to FINALLY share this project I have been working on for what seems like a very long time!  This is a baby blanket project that myself and 3 good friends worked on for another friend's new baby boy arrival.  Of course I could not post any pics online until after the baby arrived, and he finally did, over 2 weeks late on my birthday! (lucky lucky kid, he picked the best day ever!).

This was an idea we had months ago, we wanted to give our good friend something really special for the birth of her first baby so we decided to make something.  I had just got into crochet however the others had never crocheted before, so I, the complete beginner, had to teach them!  But it went so well and they picked it up in no time.  We had so much fun having crochet and gossip evenings.

We set no rules for the blanket, we each had to do 6 squares of 6 rows and had the same 3 colours but aside from that we could do as we pleased.  It turned out we all had very different styles and no two squares were the same.  It made for an interesting blanket in the end, but we love it, it kind of reflects our personalities and it's certainly unique!

Well our Friend Fran and her new baby boy loved it, so we are very pleased.  Fran even posted a pic of baby Jude fast asleep snuggled up in it, aw!