26 October 2012

The Hunt for the Perfect Winter Coat

At this time of year I get super excited about coats! I love wearing coats I do! I don't like it in Summer when it gets too hot for a coat, I just don't feel dressed properly to go out of the house unless I'm wearing a coat. (weirdo!)

I thought I would share some pics of my coat search with you.  The one on the left, above, is from Next and is £52, and the one on the right is £45 from Matalan.  I do love the detailing on the Next number and it is a pretty colour and a bit different, however I am sad to report I went to visit it in an actual shop and was dissapointed. I was determined I loved it, until seeing it in real life, humph! (why is that always the way, things look way better online than in real life!)I do love the dark green Matalan complete with fluffy hood, and at that price it could maybe be a secondary coat!

I do like this one, it is £44.99 from New Look.  Perhaps I could get the green lovely and this blue one! I am quite willing to spend a little bit more on a coat, I think coats are certainly one of those things you should invest in and cheap coats sometimes do look, well cheap.

This one however, above, is my very fave, I WANT it badly! This one is ASOS and is a bit more expensive at £80, but that isn't too expensive for a coat. I love the details, I think details are super important on a coat, the back seam here is so pretty, I love the over sized hood and pockets and the pom poms!  As you can tell I am lusting after duffel coats this year, and a hood is very important to me too as I detest umbrellas!

Whilst researching this post I made the STUPID mistake of going on Modcloth! why, why would I do that to myself? Warning, never ever go on this website you will feel horribly depressed for the rest of the day, I warned you! I literally want everything on this site, the dresses are simply perfect! The coats obviously are not bad either, how pretty are these lovelies? (and I would be willing to put up with an umbrella for one of these beauties) Modcloth is quite expensive but what makes it even more unattainable is the fact that it is based in the US, so god knows how much shipping and tax costs would be on top? These 3 will remain but a dream...

What coat are you sporting this season, would love to have a nose, send me links...


  1. The Next beauty is my favourite! I love the colour! :)
    Mia x

  2. I jo

    I am your new follower ^^

  3. I love the navy toggle coat, so classic :)



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