30 November 2012

This Month... November

Scream! It's the first of December tomorrow!, Christmas month! Wuhu! I do love Christmas but I try not to let myself get so excited about it until it actually reaches December.  Although I do feel organised with the xmas shopping early this year, which is a relief.

But before we can move on to Christmassy things on the blog, here is a little re-cap of the month that was November...

Things that made me smile...

« Fireworks « looking round new supermarkets « huge pub dinners « cosy evenings in with a slushy romantic comedy and my latest crochet project « Christmas shopping « new coats « new boots « recognition at work « honeycomb hot chocolate discovery « Meg « days off « the gym « visiting my sister dearest in her new flat « Pinterest secret boards « awesome arena gigs « a little city break with my Mark.

Monthly window shopping...

This month boots have been mainly taking up my internet window shopping time.  I live in a pair of slouchy flat Blow Fish boots, but fancied something perhaps a little bit smarter.  I like boots with lots of details, so straps, buckles and laces really appeal. 1. These are £39.50 from M&S, 2. These are £14.95 from Ebay. (bargaintastic and will have to be purchased!)They are so pretty! 3.  Again £14.95 from Ebay. 4. £59.99 from New Look.  I went for Number 1 in the end, I love the little wedge and feel very smart in them.

Cool things I have discovered this month...

This has to be the prettiest looking shop ever? I am a big fan of The Biscuiteers, and the news they have opened a shop made me squeal! But of course it's in London, poo! Please open one in Carlisle I will promise to buy a pretty biscuit every time I walk past! Read more about the new shop here.

These pics made me gasp! Wow! These trees are amazing, I would love to visit these one day. You can see more amazing tree pics here.

I love this little story about the royal pet graveyard at Sandringham.  I am a huge royalist so any royal stories catch my eye but this one is especially nice. I love how The Queen has little gravestones for each of her dogs that have passed away, it is a sad, but sweet story.

One of my very favourite things to do in Carlisle each year is attend the Fireshow.  I have been to bonfire shows in big cities like Manchester and London but I am sorry nothing beats Carlisle.  I love the whole atmosphere of the evening, it is so nice to see so many families walking down into the park and the fireworks are always truly spectacular. They never fail to make me feel like a little kid when they flash and bang across the sky. This month's show was particularly amazing. You can read about the event here.

If you love The Big Bang Theory like me, watch this vid for a giggle!

New Movies/TV Shows

« I went to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2! I admit it, I have read all the books and seen all the movies and (whisper it) I went to all the midnight screenings! Yeah I'm sad! I did love it all at first and was caught up in the hype.  I wasn't so much bothered about this last film, but as I have seen them all so far had to see it.  I'm sorry but I cringed quite a lot through most of it, probably won't buy the DVD! « New TV show discovery Emily Owens MD, it's great! It's rather like Ally McBeal or Erica Strange, a neurotic first person female narrative, but she is a very likable character, I'm really enjoying it.  « I have mentioned before how much I am LOVING Kirstie's Vintage Home, I do love everything that Kirstie does though! « I rented The Five Year Engagement. Emily Blunt is always fantastic and she makes such a convincing couple with Marshall from HIMYM, great chemistry. Really enjoyed this quirky little film, will be buying to add to my rainy day feel good collection.

New Blog Discoveries...

« Happy Loves Rosie I love Happy's aesthetic, bright colourful and maximalist.

« Dolls are United! Instantly impressed by the look of this blog, I love Amy's style and outfit posts.

« Midnight Maniac A great vintage fashion blog with an unusual layout.

« Modern Girl Blitz Another super fashion blog.  I love Midge's quirky style.

Well of course December means only 1 thing... Christmas, I can't wait! I'm well underway with all the shopping and now just planning party outfits... wuhu! Stay tuned to the blog for some xmas themed crafty posts...

26 November 2012

Jo's Vintage Home

I am LOVING Kirstie's Vintage Home (who isn't!) it so makes me want to make my little loft flat prettier.  But this makes me blue because I rent so consequently not permitted to paint or make 'improvements' plus have limited funds for such things.

But it occurred to me the other day that I should appreciate the great bits of the flat.  So I went round with my camera looking at all the interesting little details.  (You can see a previous post here of some more flat details if you are interested).

There are already so many vintage elements to my flat, I loved it instantly when I looked round because of all it's quirky old details.  The best piece is the retro sink unit, I am guessing it is 50's? there is a name on it but it's painted over so I can't make it out.  I am dying to paint it a cool bright colour though! (apologies for poor photo quality of these also, not too much natural light in loft at this time of year!).

All the doors in the flat are original, they all have slightly different lock mechanisms (which no longer work) but I think they look pretty.  But again I'm dying to paint them bright colours!

Another great feature is my roll top bath with feet! I don't think I've ever been in it, but it sure does look pretty!

The sink in the bathroom matches the bath well, has the same taps, just smaller.  I love these big old sinks, you can buy them this shape these days but this one is original, I even like the graze marks and slight discolouration from age, it all adds to the vintage charm.

Pretty 70's (?) tiles.  I didn't like these at first, but have grown to appreciate them now.

I'm dying to 'Kirstie' these chairs! Did you see the episode where she painted the chairs bright colours and then distressed them, wow! Surely my landlady wouldn't mind, it would be an improvement...

Hope you like my pics, does your home have an 'vintage' bits?

23 November 2012


For anyone that follows me on Instagram, you will have noticed that I have been rather obsessed posting pics of a certain little person...

Meg came to stay with me in September when my brother and new sister in law were on honeymoon and she has been here ever since.  She is going to live with me now, and I am so happy to have a little furry person to share my little loft flat with.

Above you can see Meg snuggled in a blanket nest I made for her, apparently my favourite red blanket is now hers! The next image shows Meg with no legs, hehe! Then Meg in my fruit bowl!?! and just generally being a poser, she really does seem to like having her photo taken!

Here we see Meg with her new feathery ball, then with an early xmas pressie (ok so I might be spoiling her a bit with new toys!) Next we see Meg perching and just generally posing, and finally Meg helping me pick out buttons for a craft project! Meg shares my love of buttons, she comes running when I tip them all out.

I am really enjoying having Meg living here, she is such an odd little thing, she is an inside cat so always around which is lovely, she follows me round the flat, sits in the sink and watches me put on my make-up every morning, and sleeps on me at night.  I usually wake up to a Meg mewing right in my face in the mornings, no, she doesn't want her breakfast, she is trying to get me to wake up so I can play!

Hope you like my little Meg piccies, if you wish to follow Meg's adventures, please do follow me on Instagram I am 'perfecthidingplace' come find me...

19 November 2012

Weekend Treasure Hunting...

On Saturday Marky and I had lots of fun treasure hunting! I have had in mind a little bookcase project for some time now.  I identified a little area of my flat that could do with some furniture and as my current bookcases are bursting over I thought a new bookcase would be just the thing.

But I didn't want to buy a new bookcase I wanted a project, and freshly inspired by Kirstie's new series Vintage Home I wanted to find an old beaten up bookcase and restore it and paint it.  So we spent a morning going round all the junk shops, charity shops and scrap yards in search of the perfect bookcase, I don't think either of us expected to find anything on our first hunt!

The most exciting place we went to was a random scrap yard a little bit out of town.  I was quite shocked to discover the amount of 'stuff' in this place and also the fact that it was quite busy with people hunting through all the rubbish! (but hey, we were there as well!).  There was an outside section with loads of big rusty bits of machinery, like these old sewing machines! But inside was very impressive indeed...

The place was basically a massive shed with 3 rows of shelves and two really small aisles to walk down and was literally packed to the rafters with, well, er junk! But it is rather fun hunting through junk! It was actually quite well organised, all the different types of junk together! Mark loved it because there were loads of rusty old bits of machines and tools, he likes that kind of thing!?! hehe!

But I loved it because I found my bookcase! I spied it right at the top jam packed in with other stuff and thought oooh that could work.  So I got Marky to measure it with my pretty floral (Kirstie for M&S) tape measure! and it was the perfect fit for the little corner of my flat! Yeah!  So we argued over who had to ask the scary looking man (who incidentally looked exactly like Santa Claus!) how much it cost, I lost and had to ask, so it cost the grand total of £10! bargaintastic!

I'm really rather pleased with it, it is grubby and dusty and covered in cobwebs but I can't wait to get started scrubbing it, sanding it down and re-painting... oh the fun of picking out the paint, I'm so excited!

Stay tuned for for how it turns out....

7 November 2012

A Few Recent Pins - Homey Stuff

I can't stop gazing at these beautiful homey pictures I have been pinning recently on Pinterest.  I think wanting to look at home pictures and being inspired to make my little flat prettier is certainly symptomatic of spending more time indoors now that the nights are dark and it's cold outside.  All I want to do at the moment is curl up somewhere cosy.

1. is from Happy Loves Rosie on Flikr there are more pics of this fab kitchen on there too! What is great about this though is that you can see it was just a bog standard normal looking kitchen and the colour comes from the accessories, quite simple and cost effective to do!

2. This sweet little craft room is from http://lystadsvingen.blogspot.co.uk/ so pretty! I love the white washed paint and then touches of colour again from the accessories within the room.  This would certainly inspire me to create pretty crafty things.

3. This pic is from http://pinkfriday.blogg.se/ I love the little bits of colour in here, so pretty.

4. This pic is from http://highstreetmarket.blogspot.co.uk/ the flowers round the door look hand painted, this is a very pretty idea, reminds me of Victorian hand drawn wallpaper.

5. The thing that drew me to this pic mainly were the bowls, I love brightly coloured bowls. A very grown up kitchen, my dream kitchen has an 'island' sigh... Pic from here.

6. OMG I would absolutely die for a little window seat reading nook like this, how lovely! Pic here.

7. Wowee the colour! I love this, I wish my kitchen crockery collection was this impressive. This pic is from Rice, a Danish company, I love all their products, anything with these colours gets my attention! http://www.rice.dk/

8. This pic is from here http://www.flickr.com/photos/katesokoler/ this is such a genius idea instead of doing whole walls one block colour.  When I get a house of my own this is what my walls WILL look like!

Well I could happily stare at these all day and plan my dream house in my head.  Have you been pinning any pretty homey pics lately, leave me your Pinterest links, would love to see.

5 November 2012

Style Crush - Holly Willoughby

This month's style crush is Holly Willoughby. She maybe doesn't represent my usual style, and is a little different from my usual crushes, but I do admire her fantastic range of pretty dresses.

These four pictures are all from the This Morning website, they have a little section which features Holly and Phillip's style each day, great! I don't get to see This Morning as I have a job (boo!), but on the random occasion I do catch it Holly is always wearing an amazing dress and I have found myself trying to google it in the past, but this little website feature details exactly where you can buy it, yeah!
The good news is that more often than not her dresses are high street too! Even better.

As I mentioned above Holly's style isn't like my other posts in this series, I usually admire more 'brave' dressers.  Holly's style is very classic, she certainly knows how to dress to flatter her shape, with nipped in waists and full skirts.  She is also very well groomed, usually I like people who have more of an 'ege' to their look and maybe don't look quite so well pulled together, but perhaps I am growing up and subconsciously want to smarten up my image! cripes!

I think she likes red judging from the pics here, but she certainly suits it! My favourite of her looks here are the top 2 dresses, the red one with the print, I can't make out what the print is, but looks very pretty and is an Oasis dress and the blue floaty floral print dress which is from River Island.  It's great that celebs wear outfits on TV that are actually affordable and attainable for us normal folks! But I bet just by Holly wearing these dresses they sell out in minutes!  Oh well! (All pics, except top 4, from look.co.uk)

What do you think of Holly's style?