7 November 2012

A Few Recent Pins - Homey Stuff

I can't stop gazing at these beautiful homey pictures I have been pinning recently on Pinterest.  I think wanting to look at home pictures and being inspired to make my little flat prettier is certainly symptomatic of spending more time indoors now that the nights are dark and it's cold outside.  All I want to do at the moment is curl up somewhere cosy.

1. is from Happy Loves Rosie on Flikr there are more pics of this fab kitchen on there too! What is great about this though is that you can see it was just a bog standard normal looking kitchen and the colour comes from the accessories, quite simple and cost effective to do!

2. This sweet little craft room is from http://lystadsvingen.blogspot.co.uk/ so pretty! I love the white washed paint and then touches of colour again from the accessories within the room.  This would certainly inspire me to create pretty crafty things.

3. This pic is from http://pinkfriday.blogg.se/ I love the little bits of colour in here, so pretty.

4. This pic is from http://highstreetmarket.blogspot.co.uk/ the flowers round the door look hand painted, this is a very pretty idea, reminds me of Victorian hand drawn wallpaper.

5. The thing that drew me to this pic mainly were the bowls, I love brightly coloured bowls. A very grown up kitchen, my dream kitchen has an 'island' sigh... Pic from here.

6. OMG I would absolutely die for a little window seat reading nook like this, how lovely! Pic here.

7. Wowee the colour! I love this, I wish my kitchen crockery collection was this impressive. This pic is from Rice, a Danish company, I love all their products, anything with these colours gets my attention! http://www.rice.dk/

8. This pic is from here http://www.flickr.com/photos/katesokoler/ this is such a genius idea instead of doing whole walls one block colour.  When I get a house of my own this is what my walls WILL look like!

Well I could happily stare at these all day and plan my dream house in my head.  Have you been pinning any pretty homey pics lately, leave me your Pinterest links, would love to see.


  1. What gorgeous pics Jo! I love all of them and want all of the rooms!
    Jo :-) x

  2. Lovely post Jo :-) makes me want to brighten things up around here!

  3. I really need a craft room like this... *counts how many years until kids move out* lol

    I love the floral design around the door frame, so pretty xx


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