23 November 2012


For anyone that follows me on Instagram, you will have noticed that I have been rather obsessed posting pics of a certain little person...

Meg came to stay with me in September when my brother and new sister in law were on honeymoon and she has been here ever since.  She is going to live with me now, and I am so happy to have a little furry person to share my little loft flat with.

Above you can see Meg snuggled in a blanket nest I made for her, apparently my favourite red blanket is now hers! The next image shows Meg with no legs, hehe! Then Meg in my fruit bowl!?! and just generally being a poser, she really does seem to like having her photo taken!

Here we see Meg with her new feathery ball, then with an early xmas pressie (ok so I might be spoiling her a bit with new toys!) Next we see Meg perching and just generally posing, and finally Meg helping me pick out buttons for a craft project! Meg shares my love of buttons, she comes running when I tip them all out.

I am really enjoying having Meg living here, she is such an odd little thing, she is an inside cat so always around which is lovely, she follows me round the flat, sits in the sink and watches me put on my make-up every morning, and sleeps on me at night.  I usually wake up to a Meg mewing right in my face in the mornings, no, she doesn't want her breakfast, she is trying to get me to wake up so I can play!

Hope you like my little Meg piccies, if you wish to follow Meg's adventures, please do follow me on Instagram I am 'perfecthidingplace' come find me...


  1. Great pictures! Meg is really beautiful!

  2. She looks like a very snuggly kitty, there's nothing as lovely as the purr of a squishy cat lying next to you as you craft and watch Tv.
    Enjoy your new home Meg.x.


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