5 November 2012

Style Crush - Holly Willoughby

This month's style crush is Holly Willoughby. She maybe doesn't represent my usual style, and is a little different from my usual crushes, but I do admire her fantastic range of pretty dresses.

These four pictures are all from the This Morning website, they have a little section which features Holly and Phillip's style each day, great! I don't get to see This Morning as I have a job (boo!), but on the random occasion I do catch it Holly is always wearing an amazing dress and I have found myself trying to google it in the past, but this little website feature details exactly where you can buy it, yeah!
The good news is that more often than not her dresses are high street too! Even better.

As I mentioned above Holly's style isn't like my other posts in this series, I usually admire more 'brave' dressers.  Holly's style is very classic, she certainly knows how to dress to flatter her shape, with nipped in waists and full skirts.  She is also very well groomed, usually I like people who have more of an 'ege' to their look and maybe don't look quite so well pulled together, but perhaps I am growing up and subconsciously want to smarten up my image! cripes!

I think she likes red judging from the pics here, but she certainly suits it! My favourite of her looks here are the top 2 dresses, the red one with the print, I can't make out what the print is, but looks very pretty and is an Oasis dress and the blue floaty floral print dress which is from River Island.  It's great that celebs wear outfits on TV that are actually affordable and attainable for us normal folks! But I bet just by Holly wearing these dresses they sell out in minutes!  Oh well! (All pics, except top 4, from look.co.uk)

What do you think of Holly's style?

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  1. love this post :) i absolutely love hollys style! ive just bought a dress from French Connection which she wore recently on Celeb Juice and i loveeee it!:)


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