30 November 2012

This Month... November

Scream! It's the first of December tomorrow!, Christmas month! Wuhu! I do love Christmas but I try not to let myself get so excited about it until it actually reaches December.  Although I do feel organised with the xmas shopping early this year, which is a relief.

But before we can move on to Christmassy things on the blog, here is a little re-cap of the month that was November...

Things that made me smile...

« Fireworks « looking round new supermarkets « huge pub dinners « cosy evenings in with a slushy romantic comedy and my latest crochet project « Christmas shopping « new coats « new boots « recognition at work « honeycomb hot chocolate discovery « Meg « days off « the gym « visiting my sister dearest in her new flat « Pinterest secret boards « awesome arena gigs « a little city break with my Mark.

Monthly window shopping...

This month boots have been mainly taking up my internet window shopping time.  I live in a pair of slouchy flat Blow Fish boots, but fancied something perhaps a little bit smarter.  I like boots with lots of details, so straps, buckles and laces really appeal. 1. These are £39.50 from M&S, 2. These are £14.95 from Ebay. (bargaintastic and will have to be purchased!)They are so pretty! 3.  Again £14.95 from Ebay. 4. £59.99 from New Look.  I went for Number 1 in the end, I love the little wedge and feel very smart in them.

Cool things I have discovered this month...

This has to be the prettiest looking shop ever? I am a big fan of The Biscuiteers, and the news they have opened a shop made me squeal! But of course it's in London, poo! Please open one in Carlisle I will promise to buy a pretty biscuit every time I walk past! Read more about the new shop here.

These pics made me gasp! Wow! These trees are amazing, I would love to visit these one day. You can see more amazing tree pics here.

I love this little story about the royal pet graveyard at Sandringham.  I am a huge royalist so any royal stories catch my eye but this one is especially nice. I love how The Queen has little gravestones for each of her dogs that have passed away, it is a sad, but sweet story.

One of my very favourite things to do in Carlisle each year is attend the Fireshow.  I have been to bonfire shows in big cities like Manchester and London but I am sorry nothing beats Carlisle.  I love the whole atmosphere of the evening, it is so nice to see so many families walking down into the park and the fireworks are always truly spectacular. They never fail to make me feel like a little kid when they flash and bang across the sky. This month's show was particularly amazing. You can read about the event here.

If you love The Big Bang Theory like me, watch this vid for a giggle!

New Movies/TV Shows

« I went to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2! I admit it, I have read all the books and seen all the movies and (whisper it) I went to all the midnight screenings! Yeah I'm sad! I did love it all at first and was caught up in the hype.  I wasn't so much bothered about this last film, but as I have seen them all so far had to see it.  I'm sorry but I cringed quite a lot through most of it, probably won't buy the DVD! « New TV show discovery Emily Owens MD, it's great! It's rather like Ally McBeal or Erica Strange, a neurotic first person female narrative, but she is a very likable character, I'm really enjoying it.  « I have mentioned before how much I am LOVING Kirstie's Vintage Home, I do love everything that Kirstie does though! « I rented The Five Year Engagement. Emily Blunt is always fantastic and she makes such a convincing couple with Marshall from HIMYM, great chemistry. Really enjoyed this quirky little film, will be buying to add to my rainy day feel good collection.

New Blog Discoveries...

« Happy Loves Rosie I love Happy's aesthetic, bright colourful and maximalist.

« Dolls are United! Instantly impressed by the look of this blog, I love Amy's style and outfit posts.

« Midnight Maniac A great vintage fashion blog with an unusual layout.

« Modern Girl Blitz Another super fashion blog.  I love Midge's quirky style.

Well of course December means only 1 thing... Christmas, I can't wait! I'm well underway with all the shopping and now just planning party outfits... wuhu! Stay tuned to the blog for some xmas themed crafty posts...


  1. Great post and great round up, that biscuit shop looks Heavenly!!!!!xxxx

  2. I feel the same about the twilight serries, I haven't gone to see the latest, I will wait to DVD, did not want to waste my money this time ;) hehe

    That shop looks so cool, I want to taste their biscuits just because of that picture!! haha

    I am goning to check out your blog recommendations after school drop off and morning exercise, you find the best things :)

    Brooke x


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