19 November 2012

Weekend Treasure Hunting...

On Saturday Marky and I had lots of fun treasure hunting! I have had in mind a little bookcase project for some time now.  I identified a little area of my flat that could do with some furniture and as my current bookcases are bursting over I thought a new bookcase would be just the thing.

But I didn't want to buy a new bookcase I wanted a project, and freshly inspired by Kirstie's new series Vintage Home I wanted to find an old beaten up bookcase and restore it and paint it.  So we spent a morning going round all the junk shops, charity shops and scrap yards in search of the perfect bookcase, I don't think either of us expected to find anything on our first hunt!

The most exciting place we went to was a random scrap yard a little bit out of town.  I was quite shocked to discover the amount of 'stuff' in this place and also the fact that it was quite busy with people hunting through all the rubbish! (but hey, we were there as well!).  There was an outside section with loads of big rusty bits of machinery, like these old sewing machines! But inside was very impressive indeed...

The place was basically a massive shed with 3 rows of shelves and two really small aisles to walk down and was literally packed to the rafters with, well, er junk! But it is rather fun hunting through junk! It was actually quite well organised, all the different types of junk together! Mark loved it because there were loads of rusty old bits of machines and tools, he likes that kind of thing!?! hehe!

But I loved it because I found my bookcase! I spied it right at the top jam packed in with other stuff and thought oooh that could work.  So I got Marky to measure it with my pretty floral (Kirstie for M&S) tape measure! and it was the perfect fit for the little corner of my flat! Yeah!  So we argued over who had to ask the scary looking man (who incidentally looked exactly like Santa Claus!) how much it cost, I lost and had to ask, so it cost the grand total of £10! bargaintastic!

I'm really rather pleased with it, it is grubby and dusty and covered in cobwebs but I can't wait to get started scrubbing it, sanding it down and re-painting... oh the fun of picking out the paint, I'm so excited!

Stay tuned for for how it turns out....


  1. I cant wait to see it all done! Flipping love Kirsties Vintage Home - it is making me want to =get my teeth into something too :) xxxx

    1. Kirstie's programmes are always great arn't they! I could watch them all day! Thanks for your comment, I will def be blogging more about my bookcase when I get it finished. x

  2. very nice, Jo. bet you make it lovely, cant wait to see. mum xx

  3. great find, I can't wait to see how the bookshelf turns out :)

    I seem to be the one always asking people at these type of places the price too, maybe we are just suckers or would rather ask than never know the goods could be dirt cheap and in our hot little hands haha my husband never asks and would rather walk away... OMG!



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