19 December 2012

Button Christmas Decorations

More crafty Christmassy goodness for you today! I actually made these last year and as I didn't have a 'proper' blog last year I have yet to share these with you, lovely readers!  So I must apologise for the photos, I took these last year on a bad phone camera and I think both my camera and photography skills have improved slightly since then ( I hope? Jen?).

I was so happy with how these little felt Christmas trees turned out, and you can never go wrong with button detailing! Everything looks a million times better with buttons sewed on, and of course the more the better!

To get the shape for these I actually used cookie cutters! Perfect! I just drew round them onto paper and then used the paper template, pinned to the felt to cut out the shapes.  I was careful with small details, as you can see the green tree has red buttons sewed on with green thread and edged in red blanket stitch. (does anyone else LOVE blanket stitch!) and then vice versa with the red tree.  I picked some pretty ribbon and ricrac (my absolute favourite crafty embellishment ever!) to hang.

These little decorations were given away to friends and family as presents, and I was so pleased to see this little guy hanging up at my parent's house this year when I went to visit the other day...

Well I was hoping that these past couple of xmas craft posts would finally get me into the Christmas spirit! Nope, nothing yet! Poo! I just don't feel Christmassy at all, when will this kick in or am I just too old these days?


  1. bright, fun - gorgeous! I love these. I have been making felt decorations this year too.

  2. These are adorable! I LOVE crafting with felt! It's such a great fabric, and who doesn't love buttons! what great little gifts! xx

  3. Such cheerful ornaments, I love them! And the buttons, of course. Blanket stitch is so effective, I really should use it more. x


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