10 December 2012

Nails recently...

It occurred to me that I haven't posted any nail pictures recently.  I am certainly still painting my nails (have never not had painted nails in the past 15 years! Hence why they are all peely and gross and yellow when bare, eek!) and I usually take pictures of them but these ones haven't made it onto my blog yet.

As you can see I have become a little obsessed with my nail stickers! For all my designs recently I have been testing out the different stickers.  You can buy the stickers here.

Last week I fell in love with these nails by Kaylah, on The Dainty Squid...

I love her weekly nail posts, I don't usually copy out right, but I thought these looked so fab I had to give it a go, here is a pic of my attempt...

Not too bad I think! I love using these stickers, they are super easy and don't leak or pull off the varnish underneath, can't recommend them enough.  What I will say though is that nails like these take a looong time, so don't do them when you are rushing and only when you are in a patient mood! (I speak from frustrated experience! hehe).

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