31 December 2012

This Month... December

Things that made me smile...
« Frosty dog walks « perfecting nail sticker art « making resolutions « opening my Percy Pig advent calendar « Christmas (duh!) « passing my First Aid at work qualification (go me!) « lovely work Christmas meals « last day before the Christmas break « lots of time off work relaxing

Cool things I have discovered this month...

Elsie's mistmatched yellow painted chairs really caught my attention, I love this idea.  I have been dreaming of mismatched painted chairs for my dining room table for ages.  I think I would go for similar looking chairs and then paint them different colours.

I love this article about the old dis-used London tube stations.  When I lived in London I had such a fascination with the tube, it's history and many ghost stories.  It's great that this little piece if history still remains untouched under the ground.  But alas, it's one of those many reasons why it would still be awesome to (sometimes) live in London so I could visit this.

Anyone else enjoy The Snowman and the Snowdog on Christmas Eve? I LOVED it! But then again it was just exactly the same as the original except for the addition of the dog.  I am a HUGE Snowman fan, it came out in the early 80's so I grew up with it and have watched it every Christmas.  I wasn't so sure about this re-make at first, I didn't really see the point, but after learning that it was animated in the same way with the original animators I kind of warmed to it.  It is not a Raymond Briggs story but he gave his blessing.  I am very pleased it didn't ruin the original, and of course had me in tears right from the start!

I loved this little talk given my Emily Martin of The Black Apple I have been a big fan of her blog for a while now.  It is always strange hearing your favourite bloggers speak, you feel like you get to know them so well through their blogs and naturally conjure up an image of how they are and what they sound like, so to hear them speak is very odd!  She comes across as very nervous, but gives some really good advice and, by the sound of it, worked super hard to get where she is.

A new Peter Rabbit animation started this month on CBeebies and much like what I said above about The Snowman, I wasn't quite sure about this one either.  It is strange how nothing seems new for kids today, they just seem to re-hash things from when we were little.  But if it gets kids interested in these amazing stories then I guess it is fine by me.  I did catch one of these episodes, and it was great! I like how the animators spent time in the Lake District capturing images so they could get the scenery right, well done them! Read more in this little article here...

I am going crazy over my new favourite blog discovery this month Attic 24.  Lucy's blog is super inspiring to any crocheters out there her creations and just beautiful, so pretty and best of all super colourful.  I have fallen in love with her interlocking ripple blanket.  Her crochet creations make me so inspired and excited for my own projects in 2013, I just wish I had just a teeny bit of her talent and creativity.

Well that's it for December, I haven't really seen any new TV, aside from those mentioned above and I have only discovered one new blog! (But as it's a new very fave that's ok!) December usually wizzes by, but this month seems to have dragged! I have been so ready for my 2 weeks off and for Christmas, I have really enjoyed this last week of doing nothing much and relaxing.  I hadn't meant to have such a long break from blogging either, but with the computer slowly dying (ugh!) and wanting to just relax I have taken rather longer than anticipated.  But I am back to a regular blogging schedule for 2013...

Hope you have an amazing NYE whatever it is you are doing, I amazingly, am going out to a house party! I think I have been in watching TV the past few years... just have to peel myself up off the sofa and make myself look pretty (I will probably aim more for presentable!) now...


  1. The snowman and the snowdog made me cry! And the way they did it was very beautiful indeed

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Rachel. I completley agree, it was beautiful, but why such a sad start? Was literally crying all the way through it! (Im a baby!)x

  2. The painted chairs are so cute! I've always wanted to collect mismatched chairs for my table when I'm older because it'll look like there's always a tea party going on :) This is a cool way of making them fit in with a room I guess. Why were we crying at the new Snowman?! I was seeing a friend and didn't get to see it :( Not sure about this new Peter Rabbit!


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