3 December 2012

We found some snow!

Saturday was the perfect start to Christmas month, it was very cold, but crisp and clear and sunny so a nice brisk walk was in order.

We went to Armathwaite woods, one of our favourite walking places, and Kara came along too...

We were so happy to find some snow up there! yeah, ok so it was just a teeny bit but still made me smile.  Just for the record if it does not snow this Winter, and I mean proper snow, at a depth that your boots disappear when you walk in it, I will NOT be impressed! Come on Mr Weatherman, we had a crappy Summer, give us a decent Winter!

Kara likes posing on rocks...

and balancing on logs!

We were not the only visitors to the woods that day, we spied some deer hoof prints, and Marky saw a deer too! I didn't, blind as a bat old me was looking the wrong way, as usual!

Here is a wee video of Kara being all 'show doggy' and jumping on the rocks like an agility course, aw, she did so well on the slippy frosty rocks...

Was a very lovely, pretty, frosty walk but very cold, so big hot chocs and huge Chinese food was in order when we got home....

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