4 January 2013

2012 - A Crafty Year

One of the best bits of 2012 was that I re-discovered crafts and really got into making pretty things for myself, friends and family.  I used to do lots of crafts when I was little, I remember making felt animals, doing lots of cross stitch and crocheting and knitting endless scarves.  I owe my love of crafts and my crafty ability to my mum who taught me to sew, knit and crochet when I was young, thanks Mummy!

Gathering all these pics together, I am actually quite proud of all the little pieces I have made this year...

From L-R...
  1. Maisy cushion, my first project on my sewing machine.  It has Maisy print, bright colours, ric rac, polka dots and buttons, all in all a perfect cushion! It is sitting proudly next to me on the sofa as a type.
  2. Knitted snood, I kind of gave up on knitting after discovering crochet.  I could never really get the hang of it and this snood unfortunately has little 'imperfections' but I do still wear it, it's extra warm and snuggly. It never made it onto the blog though as I made it before the blog started.
  3. Felt star garland, I am disappointed with the photos on this post but these little stars still hang in my bedroom window.
  4. Felt Heart bookmark, I made this little heart as a present for my mum, very easy, but I think it's rather pretty.
  5. Curtains! My first attempt at curtains, they are still up but I am planning on a change this year and to develop my skill making these.
  6. Curtains again.
  7. Bunting, I made this raggy bunting for my little Jubilee party from scraps I found in my craft stash, it is now hanging in my bedroom.
  8. Crochet iPhone cases, I made these when I first got my new iPhone and then made another for my sister.  Super easy and fun project to do.
  9. Crochet baby blanket, this was a project I made with my friends for another friend's new baby.
  10. Crochet bunting... full post coming up on the blog soon!
  11. Crochet button snood, I love this snood and wear it all the time.
  12. Crochet Christmas ornaments, I made these as pressies for my friends and family, they seemed to go down well.
  13. A granny square blanket for me! This is still an on-going project which WILL be completed this year!
  14. Yet another crochet baby blanket, full post coming up on the blog soon...
  15. Crochet slippers, I made these for my grandma for Christmas, again full post coming soon...
  16. Felt Christmas ornaments. I actually made these at the end of 2011, but I only blogged about them recently so I am including them in this little round-up.
I have a stupidly long list of crafty projects I hope to achieve in 2013! Including: finish my granny square blanket, crochet mittens, complete bookcase, do more painting, attempt a quilt, a crochet beanie hat, new curtains...

I love reading about crafty projects, if you made anything great in 2012 or have any projects on the go, I would love to hear about them in the comments below...

Here's to a crafty 2013!


  1. I find making a list and ticking them off slowly very satisfying, so if you have lots that you want to make - create a list and stick with it :)
    I wish I could crochet - than's one of the things on my list - it looks so much more versatile than knitting,and your little things are very cute. I particularly like the look of that bunting and those decorations!

    1. I do have a sort of list for crafts I want to do this year, but then I always get new ideas and the list stuff never gets done! haha!. thanks for the comment Rachel. You should def try crochet I found it easy to start and certainly a lot more versatile than knitting. Good luck! x

  2. i may have taught you but you have already outgrown me! your collection is lovely and i promise to start using my bookmark when i attack that pile of reading in my retirement !! xx

    1. Thanks Mum, have not outgrown you tho, your crochet loads better than mine! x

  3. Holy you sure got your craft on! I'm planning on learning to crochet this year, really looking forward to making my own granny square blanket!

    1. Thanks for your comment Angel. Learning crochet was one of the best things I did last year, it is quite easy to get going, you will be so pleased you did. Good luck! x


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