7 January 2013

2013 Goals + Resolutions

I love this time after Christmas when you start thinking to the new year, it makes me really reflective but positive for the year ahead. I have made resolutions for many years and always spend an evening going through my previous year's goals, looking back on the good things, what I achieved and then setting my resolutions and goals for the coming year. 

One of the best bits about this process is of course the opportunity to buy new stationary! I need shiny new journals and diaries to start the year off afresh. Yes, some would say I am too hyper organised but I really do need all of these 5 books above to organise my life!  The large black book is my money journal where I document my budgets and incomings and outgoings every month. The pretty camera print book is my new blog book, I write all my ideas and plans for this blog in here.  The little spotty book is my list book, I like to write weekly to-do lists for myself and larger to-do lists which are all documented (and hopefully ticked off) in this book.  Then I have an academic diary for work, just for boring appointments and meetings etc, then lastly a general diary where I scribble my daily moans and thoughts.

I always make 4 main resolutions, these are based on happiness, health, career and money and I like to keep these main ones private, but then I also make smaller goals, for little things I would like to do and achieve throughout the year, for 2013 these are as follows:

Improve and develop my blog
I have big plans for the blog this year, I really want to spend more time properly planning and creating good posts.

Spend more time crafting
I was so happy with my little crafty hobby in 2012, and I have a super long list of crafts projects for 2013.

Improve photography and photo editing skills
When I look back on my photos from my early blog posts I am happy with how I have developed over this past year.  I want to get a decent photo editing software and work on this for 2013.

Do a HTML/CSS course
I love my blog design, my sister made for me, but it would be great to have an idea of how to make more changes myself.  This would also benefit me for work as I start to get more involved in the website and e-newsletters.

Cook 1 new recipe per week
I really want to stick to this! Living on my own I tend to get into bad habits and eat the same old easy things.  I have so many cookery books it would be nice to actually try out something new.

Spend less time online and more time reading actual books
Most of my evenings are spent looking at screens, either the TV or computer! I aim to have a proper 'switch off' time or at least 1 evening off to read a real life book.

Start running properly again, actually outside
I used to run almost daily and loved it.  I then had a problem with my ankle and have not run properly in the last year which makes me really sad and frustrated.  But I am slowly getting there on the treadmill, it would be nice to get outside again soon though.

Spend time properly learning to meditate
I went to a class a while back and loved it but every time I have tried to meditate recently I have fallen asleep and woken up hours later which is not what I wanted to achieve.  I aim to practice this properly this year.

Spend more time outside, biking, camping and walking
This is a goal to enjoy with Mark.  We both love being outside, going on long walks, mountain biking and camping but we didn't do much of this in 2012, probably due to the weather.  But I want to be outside a lot more in 2013 and if we wait for good weather we will never get anywhere!

Go to more gigs
Another goal to enjoy with Mark.  We went for a little trip to Manchester to see Marilyn Manson in November and Solfest festival in August and they were so good.  I used to go to see so many live bands so it would be good to do more of this in 2013.

Have you made goals for 2013?  Send me links in the comments below, I would love to have a peak...


  1. your goals are wonderful, I can relate with a lot of them except the running and spending time outside hahaha I ain't running or exercising ever outside in this heat :D

    I love how you buy all new journals/diaries to start again xx

    1. Thanks for your comment. We don't really suffer from a heat problem in Cumbria, haha! More likely the opposite. new stationary is always necessary! x

  2. What a fab list of goals and I LOVE that you have all these notebooks for different things. I cracked open a new notebook last night for blog ideas. It's a great way to ensure those little idea gems aren't lost to the backs of our brains.

    Good luck with your list me dear!
    Jo :-) x

    1. Thank you for your comment Jo. Any excuse for pretty new books and a look round a stationary shop! hehe. i do have to write everything down, I have such a bad memory. x

  3. Oooh I do love new diaries - they are one of the best things about new year! One if my goals is to cook new recipes this year as well. I have loads of cookbooks too and never make anything!!

  4. Those are some good goals for the new year! I want to spend more time outside as well...especially with my little one.
    I wish you a wonderful and Happy New Year! And I love all the crafts and crocheting on here! :-)
    Thank you for following my blog!


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