21 January 2013

Crochet Bunting

I blogged last week about some crochet slippers I made for my Grandma for Christmas, well to continue with that little theme, I want to show you another crafty Christmas pressie this week.

Yet again it is something crochet, I have gone utterly obsessed (along with the rest of the world at the moment) with crochet, I LOVE it! I think because I find it relatively easy.  I really wanted to get into knitting, and I tried and tried but made so many mistakes and got frustrated, but crochet kind of came naturally to me.  I started with granny squares but quickly found I could go onto more complicated shapes.  I am not even scared of patterns anymore, just take them one stitch at a time, they are not so scary.  I have so many things on my crochet to do list this year.

I had this little idea for my sister, as she loves bunting and has recently moved into a lovely new flat, I thought I could make her something pretty to hang up.  I saw this pattern in a book and thought I would give it a go.

The line pattern on the triangles is actually surface crochet and not just a stripe from a colour change.  I like how the surface crochet gives them a bit more texture.

I picked the colours specially, as I know my sis is a big fan of yellow and grey together, and I was so happy to find these yellow and grey buttons already in my button stash, they go perfectly.

This was a fun project and really easy to do.  It is great because you can so quickly do each triangle, and rather like doing individual granny squares for a larger project, there is a nice little sense of accomplishment after completing each triangle.

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  1. I've started making some bunting. Well, I've made some triangles! I need to add edging and then join them all together. I'll get to it soon!!


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