11 February 2013

Early Signs of Spring

I was visiting my mum and dad the other day (I pop round for lunch often when at work, as its only 5 mins away and their cupboards always have food in them!) I spotted some early spring flowers popping up in the garden, so I took some wee photos.
Little spring flowers are by by far my favourite, crocuses, snowdrops and daffodils are ever so pretty! It's so exciting seeing these early signs of spring, not long until the whole garden is in full bloom and little jumping lambs will fill the fields and maybe just maybe the sun might come out for a little while...
But what are these little Primroses doing lurking in the garden?  They are a bit early! It always seems to me that Snowdrops and Crocuses pop up earlier and earlier, I get worried that they will get ruined when the weather inevitably turns frosty but these little guys are much stronger than they look.


  1. Ah i am so excited for Spring!!!!!! These are such lovely photos too xxxx

  2. Fab, fab photos Jo! Very impressed! :-) x


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