1 February 2013

This Month... January

So it is not a typical 'January' picture but frankly I haven't taken many pictures of pretty scenery this month. It has been pretty dreary, rainy and windy here, we didn't even get any snow.  So I decided upon a cheery picture instead, I always have daffodils in the flat at this time of year, such an uplifting little flower. I am kind of glad to see the back of this month, been suffering the blues a bit... but we shall focus on the positives...

Things that made me smile...

« Seeing in the new year with friends « starting the new year being off work for a week! « goal setting « looking forward « being positive « the gym « looking at achievements « new crochet magazines « puppy YouTube videos « spending time with my sister « blog planning « returning home from London « new glasses « paying off some debts «  organising a blogger meet up

Cool things I have discovered this month...

Are you kidding? How cool is this tree house? I would absolutely LOVE to escape here.  Check out article here. (Picture credit: daily Mail)

I re-discovered Bethany Joy Lenz's blog (yep that's right it's her off One Tree Hill!) and I really enjoyed and felt inspired by this post about opportunities.  Her advice is so right, you have to earn your success, work hard and dream big.  It's however, easy to acknowledge this, harder to live by it, will try... (Picture credit BethanyJoy.com)

Another really great blog post I have enjoyed is this one from A Beautiful Mess.  I love Emma's easy to follow advice about living a more inspired life and for focusing on keeping on track with goals and dreams when it feels hard and perhaps the time of year (and usually weather) is not conducive to positivity and inspiration. (Picture credit: A Beautiful Mess)

This series about taking your blog to the next level from Gala is mega inspiring and useful.  I always find Gala really inspiring, she is my go to blogger if I am feeling deflated with life. It is one of my resolutions to improve my blog this year so I am excited to see the rest of the posts in this series. (Picture Credit: Gala Darling)

New Movies/TV Shows...

« Sons of Anarchy I must admit I pretty much lost the whole of the Christmas holidays to this TV show discovery and got through a fair few series! I was quite glad to get to the end just to have my life back, haha. if you have not heard of it, it's about an outlaw  motorbike gang.  (yeah I didn't think I would like it from that description either!)It was a bit shocking with very graphic violent content but it is sooo good once you get into it.  Plus the lead character, Jax, is rather easy on the eye! ;-)

« The Hobbit We actually went to the cinema! it feels like a long time since we did that. I didn't think I would like this, not a fan of fantasy type stuff and I'm pretty sure I watched half of one of the Lord of the Rings and fell asleep. I dosed up on sugar as I fully expected not to last the full 3 hours but it flew by, I was pleasantly surprised I enjoyed it.

New Blog Discoveries...

« Messyla - I am so happy to have discovered this super pretty blog.  I love the pics of her house and her crafty makes.

« Oana Befort - I'm a big fan of illustration, so discovering super pretty new illustration blogs makes me smile.

« Outside Beauty Inside Health - It's great to discover fellow Cumbria bloggers, Cat's blog is great, she has made me super inspired to attempt to eat healthier and make more of an effort with running.

Well goodbye January, I am happy you are over. It always feels like such a long and depressing month.  I'm extra depressed as we reach the end of this month too, as Mark has been away in America for work for the past 10 days and I am really missing him! But by February it feels like Spring is just round the corner and we can be positive that we might get some sunshine...


  1. What an inspiring month January has turned out for you. I love Bethany Joy Lenz's blog Wish You Were Here,the post you mentioned struck some pretty big chords with me too, I always though OTH was a great program. I also can't wait for the bloggers meetup, thanks for organising.

  2. Your blog looks great, I will def. check out the links :)


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