25 March 2013

Rippley Crochet Cushion

A while back my sister Jen pinned a picture of a chevron crochet cushion onto our shared Pinterest folder.  You can check out our Pinterest folder here, it is a little place where we pin pics we think each other will like.
This pic (yellow and white one) is the pic Jen pinned.  (Picture credit: http://martacostastudio.bigcartel.com/category/pillows) So I thought 'Challenge Accepted!' and set about finding a pattern for a pretty cushion. But finding a pattern for the perfect chevron cushion proved quite difficult, so of course I turned to Attic 24 and found Lucy's Neat Ripple pattern and fell in love.  I much prefer the gentle wavy ripples to the chevrons on the above pic plus Lucy's pattern was very easy to follow.
I pretty much just made this cushion pattern up as I went along.  I purchased a cushion pad and produced my first line of ripples, measuring it against the pad to judge how wide it needed to be, then I simply kept crocheting until my work was long enough to wrap round the cushion pad twice with enough for a little flap.
I of course went for yellow and grey as this is Jen's favourite colour combination.  You may remember her yellow and grey bunting I made last year. 
Once I had the length correct I simply joined the edges of my cushion together using double crochet down each side.  I put a little edge round the top of the flap and then sewed on some little grey buttons, with yellow stitching (I do like these little details).  I kept the buttons small so that I was able to use the holes within the pattern as the button hole.
I'm rather pleased with this little cushion.  The ripple pattern is really nice to do, once you get into the rhythm of it you can just happily crochet away the evenings whilst watching trashy television of course.

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  1. its wonderful.i love yellow and grey too.


    1. Thanks so much for your comment, wasn't so sure about yellow and grey but I know my sis loves it, it's growing on me though... x

  2. Oh that's gorgeous!! I love colours with grey!!

    1. Thank you very much Susie. x

  3. Beautiful. I Love your color choice.

  4. A very lovely cushion Jo. I want to try ripples next, now I have mastered the granny square.

  5. You really have to show me how to do these wonderful things! I'm still stuck at granny squares :-)

  6. Wow this looks fab! I tried to do the ripple a while ago but couldn't get the hang of it - I'll have to try again soon!


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