5 April 2013

A Visit to Brougham Castle

Last weekend on the way back from our Treasure Hunting Road Trip Mark and I paid a little visit to Brougham Castle and I took lots of photos!
I have been wanting to visit this little Castle for a while now as it is really close by and also because my friend happens to be the Manager, that's right she has her own Castle, how cool is that! Such a cool job, she of course doesn't live there as this particular Castle has no roof and not too many complete walls, but it's still a Castle!
I love castles and it is great to have a friend who likes castles as much as me to visit them with, you may remember my post from last year about Carlisle Castle which we visited together.  To be honest I didn't know what to expect from Brougham, I knew it was a ruin and knew it was small, so I thought there would maybe be a few walls left and nothing much to see but I was very pleasantly suprised! There is loads more to the Castle than I thought.  It is also in a stunning location, and on a rare sunny afternoon it really is such a lovely place to visit, I can't wait to come back when the weather gets a bit warmer for a picnic.  Oh and the fields surrounding the castle have lambs! LAMBS! They were all over the little path, so cute!
There are so many little details remaining, the beautiful gatehouse passage, picture 3 above, and the window details, which you can see in the picture above you could never discover all the little secrets of the Castle on just one visit! But the best part is that you can still go upstairs!!!
So you have to go up a teeny windy spiral staircase that goes on forever and if you are not scared of heights (like me) it is amazing! You can walk around the top floor of the Keep, but er there are some places where there is no wall and just a metal railing so I was a little nervous.
But if you can brave the height it is very much worth it as there are some amazing details up here, original wall carvings, and check out that amazing roof detailing.
And here is the Castle Manager herself, hello!
Here is Marky perched on a little window ledge, hello!
So if you are in the area I cannot recommend highly enough that you visit this Castle, and all for the bargaintastic price of £4!  You can visit the English Heritage pages to find out the opening times etc here http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/daysout/properties/brougham-castle/ and of course there is a guide book to purchase for the bargain price of £2.99 which tells you the history of the Castle and explains all the different parts.  But I found this Wikipedia page if you wish to know more but cannot make a visit. 
Have you visited any castles or amazing heritage sites recently? Would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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