10 April 2013

A visit (to what's left of) Kirklinton Hall

On Bank Holiday Monday last week Mum, Dad, Jen and I made a little visit to Kirlinton Hall.  This derelict mansion is in the countryside just outside of Carlisle and has intrigued me for a long time! I first discovered it on a random drive with friends years ago, we saw the top of the building peeking out from the overgrown bushes.
We did of course attempt to have a little explore all those years back, we sneaked over the locked gate (with big private property sign on it) and walked towards the house, but didn't get very far before hearing something and running back to the car (wimps!)

Last summer this story appeared in the local newspaper, saying that somebody had bought the Hall and was planning on restoring it! Wow, that's a big job.  But then a couple of months ago an advert appeared in the paper advertising an Open Day, yeah, the Hall would be open to the public so we can see the restoration, how exciting!

There was lots going on on the day, Morris dancers, singers, guided tours, tea and coffee and yummy massive slabs of homemade cake. There was even a company running ghost tours, eek! (It is bound to be haunted though).

Kirklinton hall has a long history, originally built in the 1670s from the stone of a neighbouring castle, then added to in the Victorian era.  During the war it was taken over by the RAF and then in the 60s became a casino with a rather dubious reputation!  There was then a fire and various attempts to sell it, make it into flats etc but as you can see it has got a little damaged over the years!

There is just something so fascinating and intriguing about ruins, they make you ask so many questions, what happened to it? Who used to live there? etc etc. It is also amazing how fast buildings deteriorate when they are unloved.
I am very happy that this old house is going to be restored, the owner is very keen to keep original features.  The oldest part of the house will be restored fully and will be the family's home, then the Victorian wing will be left as a ruin.
The great news is that the house and gardens are going to be open every Sunday and Bank Holiday, it will be great to see the restoration in progress. You can find out all of the visitor information on the website here http://www.kirklintonhall.co.uk/.


  1. Grrr nasty spam comments!

    I'd love to go and have a look around here - might drag the Mr out of bed early at the weekend!! I love wandering around ruins too.

    See you Sunday - eep!!

    1. I don't know why im getting so many spam comments, so annoying! Anyway, thanks for your 'real' comment. Kirklinton is well worht a visit, I loved it. x

  2. Wow it looks so wonderful!!

    And its beyond fantastic that it will be open to the public a lot when its ready, its so rare now that old buildings that are bought are still shared with the public.

    Lovely photos too!

    1. Thanks Susie, yeah it is great. I hope they continue to keep it open, will be so interesting to see the progress.

  3. It looks so interesting! I'm definitely going to have to go and have a little drive out there now :)

    1. Thanks Anna, you def should, well worth it. x

  4. what an amazing place to visist and explore, lovely photos xx


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