26 April 2013

Itty Bitty Crochet Bunny

So I attempted my first crochet amigurumi toy! Introducing Itty Bitty Bunny, he is from a pattern in Issue 2 of Simply Crochet, if you haven't checked out this new mag yet do it now, like today, if you love crochet you will love it, from the same people as Mollie Makes (which just confirms its greatness!).  The pattern is originally from Toft Alpaca, so if you missed it in the mag, you can buy a kit here.
For my bunny I went for Life Chunky by Stylecraft wool in Oatmeal, I used just over 1 ball, so if you buy 3 balls it will make 2 bunnies.  I have already started my second!  I also used a size 4 crochet hook.  There is a lot of counting of rounds in the pattern, which I am not used to, so I recommend having a pen and paper to hand to mark off rows to keep you right, also a stitch marker will be useful.  You don't need to go out and buy these, simply use a bright colour loop of wool.
So this pic, above, shows all the pieces completed, ready to sew up.  I was scared of this stage, the mag instructions didn't give any advice for sewing up and having not done this before I was a little nervous.
I started sewing up and actually it went quite well.  Obviously use the same coloured wool to sew the pieces together and it is a good idea to leave really long tails at the end of each piece to use to sew together.  This I thought of after I began sewing up, again this tip was not on the pattern, probably very obvious to most!
Wuhu, I finished the sewing up part, I am really pleased with how it turned out and it doesn't look too different from the picture, wow!  Now to add a face, eek another nerve wracking step! The face creates the bunny's character so if I mess it up, bunny could look scary, freaky or just odd.  I purchased some tapestry wool in a dark brown/black for the eyes and pinkish colour for the nose.
I don't think the little face turned out so bad, he looks kind of cute, do you think?
As a finishing touch I tied a blue polka dot ribbon round his neck just to disguise the join and because this little guy is going to be a present for my friend's brand new baby boy Drew.
Ooh almost forgot to show you his little tail, hehe!
Here he is from the side...
And a final photo! Can you tell I'm quite proud of it? hehe.  I was so impressed that he actually looks like a bunny, and quite cute.  I am now well underway with making my second bunny, this one will have a pink ribbon for another friend's new baby.
What do you think? Have you had a go at Itty Bitty Bunny or other crochet amigurumi yet?


  1. THIS IS SO CUTE! I want one, but I'm so bad at crafty things mine would look like a sloth. :) x

  2. wow...very cute! I haven't tried crocheting in this style yet..i think its time I give it go!!


  3. Jo

    Your litle bunny is so sweet and a great result for your first dabble at amigurumi. I really want to try some crochet critters and you have inspired me to get myself started.

  4. What a cute little bunny! I'll have to get the pattern and make one for Zoe!
    Just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award over on my blog: thedustyatticblog.blogspot.co.uk
    Anna x

  5. awww he is so cute! love the little face! My first amigurumi was a little panda called morris hehe, I'm very attached to him! xx


  6. he is lovely Jo, xx

  7. Well done - he is lovely! I think if I made one I would give it a pom pom tail :-)

    Claire x

  8. That is so cute, I would definitely love to try this xx

  9. Unbelievable! I would've never guessed it was your first crochet amigurumi toy - so super adorable;-)


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