23 April 2013

The Bookcase Project Part 2

Here it is finally, the wait is over! The Bookcase Project Part 2, I know the pressure to see the next stage has been killing you! (haha!) if you haven't yet read Part 1, you can see it here.

So we were on stage 4 last time, after painting the first coat of green I was waiting and drying! A week later I went back round to Mark's house to do another coat...

Step 5 Further Coats - In total it needed 3 coats of green and the little tester pot was just enough paint to cover all 3, phew!  I was a little worried after the first coat that it looked very streaky but by 3 coats you can't see the streaks anymore and the colour is so bright.

Next I opened this new little tester pot of bright blue, what could this be for???

Step 6 Backing Board - I decided that I would like the back of the bookcase enclosed, just so that the books etc do not fall off plus it is an excuse to buy another pretty colour. I chose the blue as I thought it would go well with my bright green and I liked the idea of having a contrast colour peeking through the shelves.
So we measured the bookcase carefully and set off to B&Q, the backing board is just cheap MDF and cost around £5 for a very large sheet.  B&Q cut the board to size for us, and we had tons left over.

Step 7 More Painting - The backing board needed 3 coats of the blue, but the paint dried really quickly out in the sun so I was able to luckily paint all 3 in the same day, less waiting, which is great news for impatient people like me.

Step 8 Attaching - Get one's boyfriend to do this part, he will make a much better job (haha), well that's certainly true in my case.  Mark just got some tiny nails and hammered them around the backing board.  He even measured exactly where each shelf was and secured the backing board with the nails in the middle.

Step 9 'Ta Da Moment'  - And stand back and admire all your hard work! I am so pleased with how this has turned out, I love the bright colours.  Is it a bit 'primary school' though? nah! I don't care, the brighter the better, these colours make me smile.
Oh, but wait, it is STILL not finished! Yes, that's right there is still a third and final instalment of the Bookcase Project to come!  But what else could I possibly be doing to it??? Tune in next week to find out (Oh I know the suspense will kill you...)
So what do you think so far? Honest opinions, constructive criticism welcome... What colours would you choose?


  1. It soooort of matches your blog haha! Very you, Jo!

    Sister Dearest xx

    1. hehe, yes I suppose it does, altho the green is way more 'green' in real life! x

  2. its very cute. i love blue and green together!


    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment. x

  3. I thought exactly the same….its like if Jo was a bookcase…this is exactly how she would look ;) I love it! And i am excited for Part Three :)


    1. LOL! Thank you for your comment Sally, I guess it is rather 'me' I thought about making it a bit more sophisticated and grown up but I am so drawn to these colours. x


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