4 April 2013

Things that made me smile...
« Sunshine « a family christening « Meg not being ill « 30 Day Shred « eating better « new dresses « Malteaster Bunnies « VERY rare nights out clubbing with my sis « birthday parties « crocheting daffodils « a new haircut « Postcircle « seeing my mum enjoying her party « finally figuring out a crochet pattern « finding out it's a boy « road trips.
Cool things I discovered this month...
(Photo source: Daily Mail)
Instagram are bringing out a camera! See article here, they have teamed up with Polaroid so you can print your Instagrams instantly.  I love Instagram and never ever get round to printing my photos (who does!?) so this would be a fun toy to have.
 (Photo Source: Gala Darling)
I loved Gala's blog post about the 10 apps that will change your life. I have had my iPhone for a little while now but I'm still not that into apps, I never know which ones, besides the obvious FB, Twitter, Instagram etc are cool or useful.  So I got loads of ideas from this post.
(Picture source: The Black Apple)
I am such a big fan of Emily Martin's illustration work and when she posted the cover of her book on her blog The Black Apple this month I was so excited.  She has not only illustrated this book but written it too. The book is not out until October, you can see it here on the US Amazon site, but no sign of it on UK site as yet, hope we can buy it here too!
(Photo source: A[mi]dorable Crochet)
HOW cute is this little crochet Sheldon from Big Bang Theory? My sis pinned this to our shared Pinterest board and I squealed when I saw it. So I looked up who made this amazing creation and where I could find a pattern.  This is the work of Jackie and her blog is A[mi]dorable Crochet she even sent a little crochet Sheldon to Sheldon himself and he loved it! Check out this blog post for the story.
Finally a special mention to Anna from The Dusty Attic for nominating me for a Liebster Blog Award, thanks loads Anna, that's really kind of you.  Go check out Anna's pretty blog, she finds the cutest things on Etsy and this month she baked really yummy looking fairy cakes.  
New movies/TV shows...
Game of Thrones - I know I mentioned this last month but we are on Season 2 now! I bought it for Mark's birthday.  We are a couple of episodes in.  The first series was sooo good and I am kind of addicted now, it is not predictable, killing off main characters etc, love it.
Dawson's Creek - Ok, so yeah it is not new, and certainly not new to me.  But it is probably my most favourite programme ever! (and I am not embarrassed to say so!) I loved it when it was on as I was around the same age as the characters and went to uni when they went to uni etc.  I have been re-watching it this month, after discovering the entire series on Love Film Instant.  I am onto the last few episodes of the last series now and frankly and will not know what to do with my life when it is over!
As all my TV time has been taken up with Game of Thrones or Dawson I haven't particularly discovered anything new of note this month, how boring!
New blog discoveries...
Little Woolie - Another beautiful, brightly coloured crochet blog! wuhu! very similar to Attic 24, actually I believe I discovered it as it is on Lucy's regular reads list.  I have started a little crochet blog category on my Bloglovin and they are very quickly becoming my favourite to read and gaze at.
Kris Atomic - Kristina is an illustrator of beautiful drawings, I love her unique style.  In her blog description she says she loves cats, Nancy Mitford, Pre-Raphaelites and naps, certainly sounds like my kind of person!
Haken en meer - Ok, yeah so this blog is all in Dutch, but Google handily provides a translator so you can turn it into English, wuhu! I discovered this blog as the author was recently interviewed for Simply Crochet magazine (which is so fab by the way, buy it NOW if you are into crochet).  It doesn't really matter that the blog is Dutch as what I love most about it is her beautiful and colourful pictures of crochet creations.
Apparently it has been the coldest March on record (I'm sure they say that every year!?) I am disappointed that the Spring flowers this year have not been as good, and the poor daffys are not even showing their pretty faces yet, I'm also a little bored of the snow (never thought I would say that) and ready for some sun, but I do appreciate being able to wear my woolly tights and snugly winter coat a wee bit longer.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Jo! Loving that crochet Sheldon!! Game of Thrones is so awesome!


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