17 June 2013

Sisters Walk to Lanercost

Aaages ago now on Bank Holiday Monday Jen and I were determined to have a lovely 'Sisters day out' together. We don't get much of an opportunity to spend a lot of time together as we live in different cities and have conflicting work schedules so it was really fun planning a rare day out.

We wanted to go somewhere pretty, pretty views, pretty buildings, and of course pretty tearooms!  A little stumbling block is that neither myself or Jen drive, and generally if you want to go to pretty places in Cumbria you have to drive.  I was a little frustrated to discover that public transport routes to places we want to go  are very few and far between, so we had to pick somewhere we could get to relatively easily.

We picked Lanercost, which is a teeny village with a lot of historical interest, just out of Brampton, East of Carlisle. We could get a bus from Carlisle to Brampton and then it is a lovely 2.5 mile walk from the town up the road to Lanercost.

The weather was not perfect, a little annoying after a glorious weekend, but hey ho, if you wait for perfect weather you will never get anywhere (especially in Cumbria!).

The pic above is a little tearoom we discovered in Brampton, sadly it was closed for the day, but looks so cute, will have to make another visit.

We popped into the Tourist Information and the very helpful staff explained how we could get there along a really pretty path.  The path was beautiful, tree lined woodland walk with stunning views across the open countryside.

I love tree lined boundary paths like this, the trees are so old, imagine the stories they could tell.  Here is Jen admiring the view.

 Couldn't help snapping the pretty bluebells along the way.

This area is super pretty, lots of lovely little houses, Jen and I had fun daydreaming about what it would be like to live around here... sigh, one day, sigh.....

The path opened out onto the road for the last part, but it is not exactly a busy road and very pretty bursting with new spring green leaves.

Just before you get into Lanercost village, you come across a little historical bridge, we both posed for a pic.

Lanercost itself is a tourist honeypot.  It is along Hadrian's Wall, and the walking and tourist bus routes all come this way.  The main attraction being Lanercost Priory, an English Heritage site.  You can read all about it and view the visitor information here

 The beautiful Priory.

Of course we popped in for a look around.  I have been here before but a few years ago and Jen had never been.  The place is just a ruin now but you do still get a sense of how spectacular it was.

Jen in 'Jail'! Oh how we amuse ourselves so!

Sisters days out always end in a tearoom with cake! Of course there is a tearoom, in fact the tearoom is super busy and popular, there is a lovely gift shop too, you can see the details here.

Pop along to Jen's blog to see her post about our day out.

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  1. Such lovely photos, I really want to go there now but it's too far away. Hope you had a lovely time x


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