24 July 2013

Button Swap

I have FINALLY got round to updating all my blog pages, the ones that you can see here to the left, my About Me page, the Blogs I love Page and my Button Swap page.  Jen built these pages for me when she did my main blog re-design months ago and I just have never seemed to get round to putting anything up on them.
Well anyway, this little blog post is just to inform you that there is stuff on these pages for you to read, and to introduce my BUTTON SWAP! (no not actual button buttons, but blog ad buttons!)
I love collecting blog buttons down my sidebar, I used to put up the buttons from big well known bloggers, but then I thought no... I should be putting blogs on here that are less well established and try and share some blog love and promote smaller British ones.  I think therefore button swaps are the way to go.  I am not interested in formal advertising and getting money for hosting blog ads etc I am happy to put your button on my side bar for free and then if you want to put my button up too, great!
You can find my buttons on the left.... or you can visit my Button Swap page.
If you would like me to put up your button then send the code to jothestrange@gmail.com or just email me if you have questions or you don't have a blog button and need to know how to make one!

Happy Button Swapping!

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