31 July 2013

Things that made me smile...
Sunshine and lots of it! « lazy days in the garden with friends, beers and food « making breakthroughs at work « graduations « running « beer gardens « epic adventure bike rides with Mark « Meg « craft fairs « amazing rain storms « new little pottery bowls to add to my collection « a royal baby « ebay selling « a cat shaped stapler « new nail varnish « painting my chairs « meals out with my Mark.
Cool things discovered this month...

I love this juice by Marks and Spencer to celebrate the birth of Prince George. M&S really make an effort don't they, I do LOVE them!
I'm a little late to this discovery, but how cute are Amineko cats? I'm in the process of making one for my soon to be born nephew, will pot pics soon.  You can get the pattern here You can buy the book here
Gemma Correll's illustrations are fantastic, they always make me LOL.  This one tickled me especially, as I am just getting back into running myself.  Check out her Tumblr here to see the full thing and her others.
I love these new burger necklaces from Tatty Devine (of course I imagine them to be veggie burgers!).  You can buy them here... 

New TV/Movies...

Dexter Season 8 - Final season of Dexter has just started, I have really enjoyed this show, but I am kind of glad it is ending now, the last season dragged a bit, but I am still excited to see how it ends.
Game of Thrones Season 3 - Yeah I finally got caught up on this now that Season 3 is on Blinkbox this is my absolute fave TV show of the moment, and it just gets better and better. 
This is 40 - Loved this, so funny.  A little bizarre and quite crude but really enjoyable.
Baby Boom - Aw, I re-watched this recently, this is a classic from the 80s, I remember watching it when I was younger, mostly on boring rainy Sundays or when I was off school ill. 
Kirstie's Fill a House for Free - I love all Kirstie's TV programmes and the first episode of this was of course brilliant.  I am really into up-cycling furniture and trying to be thrifty so this is right up my street.
New Blogs this month...

A. Loo's Closet - super cool retro style blog.
Nathalee Illustrations - Amazing fashion illustrations.
October Rebel - Really pretty photography in this style blog, if you like The Clothes Horse I think you will like this.

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