11 September 2013

Nail Varnish Organisation

I had a little re-organise of my nail varnish collection recently.  I have posted pics of my wee collection before here and I had them organised by colour (which looked super pretty) but I have found it difficult on recent visits to Superdrug to remember exactly which varnishes I have,  so I re-organised by brand, this way hopefully I can see which I have and haven't got.  Also just because I'm sad (and a little OCD) and like organising things! haha.
My nails are usually some mad design that I am trying out, and I do like a polka dot nail from time to time, but just lately I have not been in a nail art mood.  I would never go out with a naked nail (can you imagine the horror!) but I have just been sticking to solid block coloured nails, always in some mad bright colour, but these are plain nails for me!  So instead of documenting some nail art designs that I usually do, you can see them all here, I thought I would show you some recent purchases...
So above we have Sinful Colours.  I LOVE this brand, it is fairly new to me, but these bottles cost £1.99 from Boots, such a fab bargain.  They are pretty hefty sized bottles at 15ml, Barry M's are only 10ml in comparison.  The colours are great and the varnish itself dries quickly.  So from L to R I have shade 1105 Exotic Green (not as bright as other greens in my collection, more of a grass or pea green) then shade 851 Boom Boom, a shocking pink, fab colour, and then shade 940 Rise & Shine which is a turquoise and this one is a little metallic sparkly, pretty.
Next we have some Barry M Gelly.  Barry M is by far my fave brand, and the one I have the most of, the simple reason being that they have the biggest and best range of colours.  Their Gelly range claim to be super shiny, I am not sure that I can see that much of a difference to normal varnishes, but the colours in this range are way more interesting.  So L to R there is shade 308 Greenberry, 327 Blue Grape and 326 Passion fruit which is my very fave new colour, it is like a pinky, orangey, red.  I don't often wear a classic red nail so this just adds a little twist.  I will def be expanding my Gelly collection soon.
And finally more Barry M's just from their normal range and a 2True colour.  These 3 are my attempts at expanding my usual colours.  I always go for super bright primary colours so here I have ventured into a light pink 305 Pink Flamingo, then Coral! Me in Coral, after Brown (bleeeurgh who likes brown anything???) Coral is my second most detested colour.  But I went for it, and this one isn't soo bad on actually, it's quite bright, it is shade 296 Coral. Then the 2True is another bargain, I think £1 or £2 in Superdrug and this is shade 20. I don't very often wear pastels, so this one is a nice change, works well as a base colour for nail art anyway! 
I do love my bargain nail varnishes, but being someone who likes to change their nails every few days quality and long lasting varnish is not really a priority.  What I go for in nail varnishes is firstly bright colour, then price.  I have some more expensive brands, Nails Inc, Chanel, Ciate, Pixi etc and they are good quality, and cover really well, but I would rather buy 3 or 4 different coloured cheaper varnishes than one premium branded one anyday!  What do you think on this subject?
So there we have my nail varnish purchases recently.  Oooh did you see my little Nail Art Novice guest post over on Helen's blog? Was super happy she asked me to guest post while she is in California (what??? HOW unfair is that!)
Have you made any nail varnish purchases recently?  Would love to have a little look if you leave me links, thank you.

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  1. So good to read about someones opinion on the new gelly nail varnishes, Ive been umming and ahhing over them, wont bother now. I've always been a huge fan of barry m varnish, but I keep buying Rimmel 60 seconds at the moment. I cant wear varnish at work so i only wear it on my days off :(
    I'll have to get some of that stuff from boots though!!

    Oh an the organising looks great!!


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