25 November 2013

Life lately...

Couldn't resist these super cute xmas decs from Wilkinsons, they are not overly Christmassy, so I figure I can keep them up all year round????

 Jen and I went on a ghost tour of Carlisle Castle in the dark! eek.

 Realising that my habit has got a bit out of control!
 Falling in love with a new favourite smell.

 Going on a little dream house hunting trip.

Curling up in the cosiest warmest mismatched knits.

 FINALLY updating my iPhone! Love it, why did I not do this sooner?
 Starting to feel all Christmassy seeing the pretty lights in town.

 Evenings in on the sofa with this cute little upside down face.
Completing our bunting project at work!

24 November 2013

We went bothy camping...

On Friday night after work in the freezing cold and pitch black we decided to go and sleep in a little stone hut in the middle of the woods!

I love camping, but this was my first experience of a bothy.  According to the Urban Dictionary a bothy is 'a basic shelter, usually left unlocked and available for anyone to use free of charge.'  Luckily living in Cumbria we have quite a few to choose from.  It's a bit of an adventure as you never know if there will be someone in there! But who is stupid enough to camp in sub zero temperatures in the middle of November? haha.
Here is Marky acting as an ideal 'scale' guide so you can see how small our little home for the night was.  It is just one room, stone floor and fire place.  But we were happy to see it was clean and looked after well.  There was a little wooden table and chairs and a bookshelf where kindly people leave useful stuff like board games, candles, hot chocolate etc.  For people that use these bothies regularly it is generally accepted that you leave it as you find it of course, and ensure you replace any firewood and perhaps leave some useful stuff for the next people.  There is sometimes a guestbook too.
We brought with us lots of snacks and beers, so the boys built the fire and we sat around gossiping until bed time.  The bothy was just big enough for 4 of us to lie side by side wrapped up in our sleeping bags.  We tried to keep the fire going and with our million layers of clothes it wasn't too cold.  (and er no, there are no bathroom facilities, so one has to go behind a tree!)

We had our breakfast outside! It's good to go camping with boys who have useful gadgets like jet boilers etc.  We had hot chocs, I had super noodles (always a camping breakfast tradition) and the others had bacon sarnies cooked on the fire.

 Marky being all manly chopping wood.

I'm afraid I'm going to be annoying and not tell you where our perfect little bothy is located! This one is not on any websites I have found so is a little secret.  It is kept clean with useful stuff in it because it is not on any major routes and not many people know about it.  I will say that it is in the Lake District somewhere, go explore!!!

 Do you think the self timer has worked yet?????

There was a very sad tragedy of the camping trip and I am devastated to report the injury of a dear friend green Spork, sob!

It was lovely to wake up and see our surroundings! We arrived in the dark so could only really guess as to what the place looked like.  It didn't disappoint, super pretty scenery.

Bye bye bothy, hopefully we shall meet again soon. (perhaps in Summer this time!).  A good place to look for bothies if you fancy trying it is this website... http://www.mountainbothies.org.uk/

You can check out our other camping and outdoor adventures right here... LINK

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12 November 2013

Colourful Crochet Cotton Bunting

Wow I love this yarn! I had never used cotton yarn for crochet before, but look at these colours, so bright!
For this project I used my trusty 3.5 hook with customised Fimo handle, you can see my tutorial for my Fimo crochet hooks here
 Look at the texture of the stitches, the yarn really shows each one clearly.
I wanted to make something really pretty to keep for myself with this yarn as it is so special. I chose some bunting, after being inspired by Attic 24 here I changed my bunting a bit, by making them bigger and slightly different shape.  I then added a sort of blanket stitch edge.
 Finished triangles, sooo pretty.

To string them together I made a chain then a row of single crochet.

Here is the final bunting! Hung up over my pretty gingham curtains. The final stage was to iron them, this cotton yarn irons really well, we can't have curly bunting, no no no!
What do you think? Are you a bunting fan?

7 November 2013

A Crochet Hat and Mitts for Corey

I was in town with my Sister in Law Nikki and baby Corey at the weekend, we were looking in baby clothes shops for a little hat and some mittens for Corey and didn't find any that we liked.  Nikki really wanted a trapper style hat with ear flaps that tie under his chin so that it doesn't fall off.  So on the way home a thought popped into my head, surely a thought that any fellow crafters reading this have at least 10 times a day... 'I could make a hat!' so popped into Fun 2 Do my fave local craft shop to browse the wool.
I found this, Lullaby by Stylecraft. I love the Stylecraft yarns, great range of colours and a good price.  I hadn't realised they did baby yarns too, this is soooo soft, feels lovely. I'm very careful with anything I make for Corey, it has to be super soft nice yarn.

So next I needed a pattern, of course I turned to Ravelry  and found these fantastic free patterns, firstly this super easy and pretty mittens pattern then this free pattern for the hat

I modified the hat slightly on the ear flaps as I wanted to attach a little turn up flap at the front to give it a more trapper style hat look. I was going to use some plain buttons from my button stash for the front but could not resist these teeny bears in Fun 2 Do, so cute.

And here is the finished hat and mitts, a really lovely easy make for an afternoon.  Hopefully the hat will fit and keep little Corey toasty warm in this chilly weather.

5 November 2013

Things that made me smile...
« Babysitting my beautiful Nephew Corey « homemade pizza « blog meet ups « finishing sewing projects « Halloween parties « evenings with friends « making plans « seeing the Christmas stuff come into the shops « pretty coloured leaves « wearing my winter coat and a different scarf every day « tights shopping « dreaming of house hunting « new series of my fave tv shows starting again
Obsessing over this month...
Christmas confectionery! Yeah! Are chocolate Brussels Sprouts not THE best thing you have ever seen! I did a little dance and let out a squeal when I spied these in good ol' M&S.  Then the next day Mummy gave me a little pressie of Snowman chocolates, arrrrgh, two of my very favourite things about Christmas in chocolate form, happy me!
So I think I have probably mentioned my love of Attic 24 just a few times, I didn't think Lucy could get any more awesome, but she has outdone herself, crochet acorns! whaaaaat!!! scream! Literally cannot wait to see her finished Autumn wreath.
This is Keira Knightley's house for sale! Overlooking the fact it is in London, it is perfect! wow. I snook a peak down the street on Google Street View also, yeah I guess I could be persuaded to live there.
What absolute genius mind thought this up? A database of  lost teddies! oh if only the internet was around when I was wee, to think of all those millions of lost teddies who never found their way home, breaks my heart. (obviously it is a good job the truth came out about lost toys in the Velveteen Rabbit.)
New TV/Movie discoveries...
Made in Chelsea - I used to watch this and be ashamed a bit, but I don't care I full on love it now. I think it really is my fave thing (besides Downton of course) to watch all week. I like that it has a sense of humour and sort of takes the piss out of itself now, so enjoyable. Hurrah for the new series.
Masters of Sex - How good is this? A new series I have discovered all about the the start of the sexual revolution, oh er!
Dracula - Another new show, wuhu, love having completely new things to watch. I'm a couple of episodes in and of course I was attracted to the show because it is Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula! Not quite made up my mind about it yet, I'm a bit confused with the plot already, but will continue watching it, it has Jonathan Rhys Meyers in, did I mention that!??!
New blog discoveries...
Emma Made - My new fave craft blog. I discovered Emma's lovely blog when she emailed me asking if I wanted to swap buttons, of course I did! Super flattered to be asked. Go check out Emma's crafts now, she is WAY better at crochet than me.
Slugs on the Refrigerator - Kat crochets for a living! She is officially my new hero. Do I need to say more? Her crochet creations and pretty blog are now firmly at the top of my must reads list.
Tiny Owl Knits -  Stephanie's beautiful knitted creations are masterpieces of the like that I shall never ever be able to master, just wow, go check out this blog now....
That's October over and done with for another year, loved this month, the start of the long winter ahead, pretty trees, Halloween, return of tights, thick coats and hot chocolates.  But now onto November which means it is ok to be officially excited for Christmas, right?

1 November 2013

A Halloween Party

So yeah as I mentioned the other day, I LOVE Halloween! I really wanted to have a little party, just an excuse to buy all the fun stuff in the shops and festively themed sweets and snacks!  I went a little mad and ended up buying the table cloth, the cups, plates etc.... oh well, but look how pretty it all is...

Brains and scream eggs....

How cool are my bargaintastic Poundland Pumpkin fairy lights?

A spider got to the cobweb bites first, doh!

This Tatty Devine necklace had to be worn! I went for little accessories like the tights instead of full on costume.

Sooo many sweets, sooo many tummy aches....

Real life friends enjoying the festivities! They SO wanted their photo taken!

The pumpkin carving got serious, mine isn't worth showing, these are FAR better!
What did you do for Halloween? Love it or hate it? Send me links to your party pics...