5 November 2013

Things that made me smile...
« Babysitting my beautiful Nephew Corey « homemade pizza « blog meet ups « finishing sewing projects « Halloween parties « evenings with friends « making plans « seeing the Christmas stuff come into the shops « pretty coloured leaves « wearing my winter coat and a different scarf every day « tights shopping « dreaming of house hunting « new series of my fave tv shows starting again
Obsessing over this month...
Christmas confectionery! Yeah! Are chocolate Brussels Sprouts not THE best thing you have ever seen! I did a little dance and let out a squeal when I spied these in good ol' M&S.  Then the next day Mummy gave me a little pressie of Snowman chocolates, arrrrgh, two of my very favourite things about Christmas in chocolate form, happy me!
So I think I have probably mentioned my love of Attic 24 just a few times, I didn't think Lucy could get any more awesome, but she has outdone herself, crochet acorns! whaaaaat!!! scream! Literally cannot wait to see her finished Autumn wreath.
This is Keira Knightley's house for sale! Overlooking the fact it is in London, it is perfect! wow. I snook a peak down the street on Google Street View also, yeah I guess I could be persuaded to live there.
What absolute genius mind thought this up? A database of  lost teddies! oh if only the internet was around when I was wee, to think of all those millions of lost teddies who never found their way home, breaks my heart. (obviously it is a good job the truth came out about lost toys in the Velveteen Rabbit.)
New TV/Movie discoveries...
Made in Chelsea - I used to watch this and be ashamed a bit, but I don't care I full on love it now. I think it really is my fave thing (besides Downton of course) to watch all week. I like that it has a sense of humour and sort of takes the piss out of itself now, so enjoyable. Hurrah for the new series.
Masters of Sex - How good is this? A new series I have discovered all about the the start of the sexual revolution, oh er!
Dracula - Another new show, wuhu, love having completely new things to watch. I'm a couple of episodes in and of course I was attracted to the show because it is Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula! Not quite made up my mind about it yet, I'm a bit confused with the plot already, but will continue watching it, it has Jonathan Rhys Meyers in, did I mention that!??!
New blog discoveries...
Emma Made - My new fave craft blog. I discovered Emma's lovely blog when she emailed me asking if I wanted to swap buttons, of course I did! Super flattered to be asked. Go check out Emma's crafts now, she is WAY better at crochet than me.
Slugs on the Refrigerator - Kat crochets for a living! She is officially my new hero. Do I need to say more? Her crochet creations and pretty blog are now firmly at the top of my must reads list.
Tiny Owl Knits -  Stephanie's beautiful knitted creations are masterpieces of the like that I shall never ever be able to master, just wow, go check out this blog now....
That's October over and done with for another year, loved this month, the start of the long winter ahead, pretty trees, Halloween, return of tights, thick coats and hot chocolates.  But now onto November which means it is ok to be officially excited for Christmas, right?

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