24 November 2013

We went bothy camping...

On Friday night after work in the freezing cold and pitch black we decided to go and sleep in a little stone hut in the middle of the woods!

I love camping, but this was my first experience of a bothy.  According to the Urban Dictionary a bothy is 'a basic shelter, usually left unlocked and available for anyone to use free of charge.'  Luckily living in Cumbria we have quite a few to choose from.  It's a bit of an adventure as you never know if there will be someone in there! But who is stupid enough to camp in sub zero temperatures in the middle of November? haha.
Here is Marky acting as an ideal 'scale' guide so you can see how small our little home for the night was.  It is just one room, stone floor and fire place.  But we were happy to see it was clean and looked after well.  There was a little wooden table and chairs and a bookshelf where kindly people leave useful stuff like board games, candles, hot chocolate etc.  For people that use these bothies regularly it is generally accepted that you leave it as you find it of course, and ensure you replace any firewood and perhaps leave some useful stuff for the next people.  There is sometimes a guestbook too.
We brought with us lots of snacks and beers, so the boys built the fire and we sat around gossiping until bed time.  The bothy was just big enough for 4 of us to lie side by side wrapped up in our sleeping bags.  We tried to keep the fire going and with our million layers of clothes it wasn't too cold.  (and er no, there are no bathroom facilities, so one has to go behind a tree!)

We had our breakfast outside! It's good to go camping with boys who have useful gadgets like jet boilers etc.  We had hot chocs, I had super noodles (always a camping breakfast tradition) and the others had bacon sarnies cooked on the fire.

 Marky being all manly chopping wood.

I'm afraid I'm going to be annoying and not tell you where our perfect little bothy is located! This one is not on any websites I have found so is a little secret.  It is kept clean with useful stuff in it because it is not on any major routes and not many people know about it.  I will say that it is in the Lake District somewhere, go explore!!!

 Do you think the self timer has worked yet?????

There was a very sad tragedy of the camping trip and I am devastated to report the injury of a dear friend green Spork, sob!

It was lovely to wake up and see our surroundings! We arrived in the dark so could only really guess as to what the place looked like.  It didn't disappoint, super pretty scenery.

Bye bye bothy, hopefully we shall meet again soon. (perhaps in Summer this time!).  A good place to look for bothies if you fancy trying it is this website... http://www.mountainbothies.org.uk/

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  1. Wow i LOVED this!! I would love to do something like this!!!!! Bet it is a really lovely place to sleep in summer too, how pretty!!!! Fab post mrs xxxxx

    1. Thanks Sally, I DEF recommend it, was so much fun and such a pretty place to be. Just so nice to be away from internet, TV, electricity etc for a night. x


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