31 December 2013

2013 - A Crafty Year

Woweee! I love looking through all these pictures and remembering all my fun craft projects.  I did this post for 2012 here  and wanted to repeat it again this year.  It's great to compare the two years and look at the improvements in my crochet skills.

Here is a little re-cap if you would like to go back and look at any of the posts...

1. Back in March I made some crochet Daffodils for Mother's Day

2. In August our family had a special little arrival with the birth of my beautiful nephew Corey, I made him this little Amineko Cat.

3. As the colder weather approached I made myself a Mustard Snood in October.

4. In Spring I embarked on my first furniture restoration project, check out my colourful bookcase

5. So I went a little mad crocheting in August for Corey, here is his little rippley blanket

6. I'm crazy about these bright colourful Christmas decorations made in December. 

7. In May I decided to customise my boring plain crochet hooks with a bit of polka dot fimo

8. More crochet for Corey, in November I had a go at making a hat and some mitts

9. Yep, more crochet for Corey, this time a cute teeny monkey toy for Christmas. (full post coming soon).

10. As it got dull and dark outside in November I made some bright bunting for my little flat. 

11. A particularly rainy day in February I created a pretty flower hanging to cheer myself up.

12. My first in a new series of 'Give it a try' crochet was this pretty star pattern back in September.

13. Back in sunny August I was painting the second of my furniture projects, these colourful chairs

14. In April I had a go at an Itty Bitty Bunny, you can see the full post here.

15. In Spring I brought more flowers inside with another pretty crochet flower hanging

16. A friend had a baby girl back in January, so I hooked up this pretty blanket as a pressie.

17. For my Grandma's birthday in April I made a pretty crochet flower card

18. Yes, yet another present for Corey! But this time I attempted to sew a babygro monkey

19. In March I had a go at my own version of a rippley cushion for my Sister. 

20. My good friend's little boy turned 1 in September, so I made him a little Amineko Bunny

Well I'm really quite proud of my crafty achievements this year.  Do you have a fave from the above? Or do you have a fave crafty project that you have made this year, would love to see links... 


  1. I am completely in love with this post. I can't believe how much beautiful, colourful crocheting and crafting has happened in your year.

    If you pinned me against a wall (and I don't know why you would) and forced me to choose, I think my favourite is the cushion you made your sister, but there is so much crochet goodness going on here!

    All the best for 2014. Are you still planning to open shop sometime?


    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Emma. I'm quite proud of my little crafty collection. I love how colourful it looks all together like this.

      I would still love to open a shop it is one of my 2014 goals, but we shall see, seems a LOT of hard work.... ! x


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