24 February 2014

How I package my crafts...

I recently sold my very first crafty makes to real life customers for real life money! Was so exciting! And one of the most fun parts of the process was coming up with some packaging ideas.

I wanted my packaging to have a handmade feel and to look really pretty but be in expensive and easy to put together.  I wanted some sort of label so I could include my shop name and some contact details.  I chose a brown luggage label and simply sewed on some buttons and stuck on some washi tape.

For the reverse of my tags I made a sticker, this was really simple and just used a normal office envelope label and created a template on Word.  I cut and pasted my blog header image in and included some contact details.  The sticker also hides the ends of my thread from the buttons.  This is a really in-expensive way to include branded stickers.  In the future I would love to get some proper stickers made but for my first few sales this is not a priority!

 Any excuse to purchase super pretty washi tapes.  These lovelies are from Paperchase.

 I already have loads of super cute buttons in my button stash so these were 'free'!

 I was packaging baby boy and baby girl presents here so went with appropriate colour schemes.

For my products themselves I use tissue paper, which is super cheap and can be found in loads of places. I found this great value pack of pretty colours in Wilko (can I just say how much I LOVE that shop! sells everything!) then I repeated the washi tape from the tag to secure the parcel.

These parcels were being collected, to post them I would wrap my product in bubble wrap before the tissue paper then put brown paper and strong parcel tape over the tissue paper, so it is functional for posting but still looks pretty inside.
I love attention to detail and I think it is really worth it to make extra efforts with packaging. 


  1. Love this packaging, it's fairly similar to mine (the tissue paper and washi tape), but I do love those tags! Good use of button cuteness!!
    Anna x

  2. Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this cute idea. I am also planning to send gifts to my friends and cousins on Christmas. My mom just told me about Delivery services Fort Worth that even delivers the package on the very same day. I am definitely going for it.


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