31 March 2014

This Month... March

Goodness, I haven't blogged for a while...! So this March post will probably be more like two months worth of catch up...

Stuff that made me smile...

Buying my new bike, Crocuses, packing off first crafty commissions, getting on top of to do lists, mint hot chocs, evenings with the Carlisle Bloggers, little successes at work, Tullie Textiles group, an afternoon with my mum and sis eating cake, a week off, planning camping trips with Mark, dreaming of summer, making great driving progress.

What's been happening lately...

Beautiful crocus patch, first time in ages I have done a nail design, a wee pattern I'm working on, best Valentine ever from Corey, sleepy Meg, sleepy Corey, a perfect sunrise, my Tatty collection.

Lovely day off afternoon walk in the woods with these guys, new boots have never been off my feet!, the cutest chocolate ever, more crocuses (can't stop photographing them!), pretty new dresses, lovely to have daffodils in the house, afternoon tea for Mother's day with my mummy.

So the thing making me the most happy at the moment is my shiny pretty new bike! I thought the bike deserved its own section! I have had a muddy wizz down the trails at Whinlatter the day I bought it and have since been enjoying many afternoon bike rides out into the countryside.  Nothing nicer than an afternoon of getting lost on your bike somewhere.  And the past couple of days I have been enjoying pre dinner time/after work evening bike rides, what joy! Me and this pretty blue and orange guy will be having soooo many wonderful adventures together this summer, I can't wait! For those who take an interest in such things, its a Cube Analog 29er (big wheels!) 2014, you can buy one here... http://www.cyclewise.co.uk/ 

Blog posts loved...

A new blog discovery, and a new fave.  I love reading birth stories, they always make me cry, must be feeling broody or something (eek!).

Couldn't agree more with Lynsey's fab post.  She has vowed to do more of what she loves and going to see more live bands this year is certainly on my list too. 

This is a super useful post and I have discovered loads more great photography apps, I really can use all the help I can get!

Loved this.  Those Beautiful Mess girls are just so inspiring, and when she talks about 'million dollar year' is that literally? A million dollars from blogging, my heroes!

A new Attic 24 pattern, beautiful raindrops cushion.  I don't take the time to learn new crochet stitches often, I really should give it a try more often, this lovely cushion would be a fantastic place to start.

Another wonderful blog post from my very faves A beautiful mess.  These are my favourite type of posts from these ladies, where they reflect on their blog and business and share their thoughts.  This post discusses blogging as a 'young industry' its so inspiring that there are people are actually making a living from blogging!