7 April 2014

A Crochet carrot - Free Pattern

So recently I got a strange request to make a crochet carrot! it had to be a 'cute' carrot with a face! Ok I thought... how hard can that be, so I took it as a challenge and came up with my own pattern from scratch. You can find the full pattern and instructions below...
For this carrot I used Patons Fairytale Dreamtime DK pure wool in colours Orange 4951 and Lime 4952. it is lovely chunky quality yarn. You can probably get 1 carrot from 1 ball, I bought 2 just to be safe. I also used my trusty 3.5 hook.

This is a really easy project for a beginner, I use just a basic dc stitch (UK terms) and a decrease dc2tog stitch and the whole carrot is worked in a continuous spiral.

The pattern...

For the carrot body...
  1. Ch3, join with a ss to form a ring
  2. 5dc into the ring, do not join, work in a spiral
  3. 2dc in each st round (10)
  4. 2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next st, repeat x4 more (15)
  5. 2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next 2 sts, repeat x4 more (20)
  6. 2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next 3 sts, repeat x4 more (25)
  7. 2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next 4 sts, repeat x4 more (30)
  8. 2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next 5 sts, repeat x4 more (35)
  9. 2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next 6 sts, repeat x4 more (40)
  10. 2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next 7 sts, repeat x4 more (45)
  11. 45 dc around (45)
  12. 45 dc around (45)
  13. 45 dc around (45)
  14. 45 dc around (45)
  15. dc2tog, 20 dc, dc2tog, 20 dc (42)
  16. 42 dc (42)
  17. 43 dc (42)
  18. dc2tog, 19 dc, dc2 tog, 19 dc (40)
  19. 40 dc (40)
  20. 40 dc (40)
  21. dc2tog, 18 dc, dc2tog, 18 dc (38)
  22. 38 dc (38)
  23. 38 dc (38)
  24. dc2tog, 17 dc, dc2tog, 17 dc (36)
  25. 36 dc (36)
  26. 36 dc (36)
  27. dc2tog, 16 dc, dc2tog, 16 dc (34)
  28. 34 dc (34)
  29. 34 dc (34)
  30. dc2tog, 15 dc, dc2tog, 15 dc (32)
  31. 32 dc (32)
  32. 32 dc (32)
  33. dc2tog, 14 dc, dc2tog, 14 dc (30)
  34. 30 dc (30)
  35. 30 dc (30)
  36. dc2tog, 13 dc, dc 2tog, 13 dc (28)
  37. 28 dc (28)
  38. 28 dc (28)
  39. dc2tog, 12 dc, dc2tog, 12 dc (26)
  40. 26 dc (26)
  41. 26 dc (26)
  42. dc2tog, 11 dc, dc2tog, 11 dc (24)
You may wish to stop at this point, and leave your yarn attached.  If you keep going too far the hole at the end of the carrot becomes too small for sewing on the facial features etc. See 'assembling your carrot' section below...  then once face is on etc, continue to crochet your carrot body.
  1. 26 dc (24)
  2. 26 dc (24)
  3. dc2tog, 10 dc, dc2tog, 10 dc (22)
  4. 26 dc (22)
  5. 26 dc (22)
  6. dc2tog, 9 dc, dc2tog, 9 dc (20)
  7. 26 dc (20)
  8. 26 dc (20)
  9. dc2tog, 8 dc, dc2tog, 8 dc (18)
  10. 26 dc (18)
  11. 26 dc (18)

For the green 'hair' or leaves...

Simply chain a desired length in the green yarn and dc into each st, starting 2nd st from hook.  Join with a ss, fasten off and secure, making sure to leave a tail of yarn long enough for sewing to carrot. I made 4 chains of different lengths, one ch of 20,  2 ch of 25, and a ch of 30.  But you can make them as desired.

Assembling your carrot...

I like to lightly stuff my toys, decide on the best positioning for the facial features, then mark them on with a pencil.

I then take the stuffing out and embroider on my facial features.  For the face here I used a black cotton yarn and a darning needle. Loop your yarn and thread both ends into your needle, on your first stitch catch the loop to secure your yarn in place.  I then went from one eye over to the other and fastened off securely on the back.  For the mouth I used a simple back stitch.

Whilst still un- stuffed I then secured the green hair to the top of the carrot, simply using the green yarn tails on each 'leaf' and a darning needle.  You can secure in place on the inside of the carrot.

I then added some horizontal lines to the sides of my carrot, i used one long piece of thin cotton thread and strategically sewed lines in.  If you look at a carrot they often do have lines on them, plus if you pull these threads tight inside then secure them it gives the carrot a crooked, uneven look (because no carrot is perfectly straight!)

You are now ready to stuff your carrot.  I stuffed mine un-evenly so that it gave a crooked look.

Thread a darning needle with your tail of orange thread on bottom of carrot, and thread tail through each stitch and pull to close your carrot up, secure your yarn in place and cut thread.  Secure your yarn tail by using your hook to poke it back up into the carrot's body.

And finally, I painted on little pink cheeks! I just used water based acrylic paint, dabbed on lightly with a dry brush.

I hope you enjoy making you carrot! I would love to see photos if you attempt this pattern! Tweet them to @Jo_TPHPBlog.

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  1. This is the cutest carrot I have ever seen, you are so talented Jo!


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