24 April 2014

A Trip To ... The Scottish Solway Coast

Over Easter weekend, Mark and I went on a little camping trip to Dalbeattie Forest and the Scottish Solway Coast.  It turned out to be the BEST camping trip ever, I loved every second.  Here are our photos...

Despite Dalbeattie being only around an hour's drive away from home neither of us had been to the area before.  I guess that's what happens sometimes, with the Lake District on the doorstep you tend to forget there are other places to explore!  But lesson learnt now, as this place was stunning!

We stayed at Gorsebank, we found out about the camp site through a link from the 7 Stanes website.  We wanted to stay near to the mountain biking route and this was ideal, with the route linked through right from the farm.

We fell in love with this place instantly, we had a 'wild' camping pitch in a little secluded corner and the views all around were of the woods and fields so it really felt like 'wild' camping.  Elsewhere on the camp site you can rent wooden tents, camping pods, tepees and even posh pods complete with their own hot tubs! wow.

There was loads of space and things to explore on the site, we went on a little wander and happened upon the chain bridge (it was across a big swamp so quite scary! lol!) and a tyre swing.  Just perfect for us big kids!

Mark cooking our dinner on the camping stove.  Now did I mention that this was Easter Bank Hol and we were in Scotland??? Look at that weather! We had un broken sunshine the whole weekend, miracle! We were sooo happy!

On the first evening we biked a little way down the road and came across the beautiful little picturesque village of Kippford.  We biked along the beach front and gazed at all the pretty (and expensive) looking houses.

The beach was entirely made up of crushed shells!

So this is what we came to do! The Dalbeattie 7 Stane route.  The 7 Stanes are mountain biking routes at various places in the Scottish borders and they are some of the most fun and popular purpose built tracks in the country.  We chose the red 'Hardrock Trail' route which was 25km of ups and downs and jumps and obstacles, was super fun!  Here is our 'before' pic!

The obligatory shot of the bikes at the Dalbeattie stane.  Each of the 7 has a different stane and I suppose the point it to collect them all.  We have done a few of the routes before at other places but my goal is to do all 7 again this summer.

Mark on the big scary 'slab' obstacle.  Er yeah, that is a pushchair you can see at the bottom there, this worried us slightly!

A much needed break for lunch.  Oh look how pretty and shiny the bike looks in the sunshine, sigh....

Mark on more scary obstacles.

Me on a little obstacle! hehe.

And here are our after faces! Lovely and sweaty with beautiful helmet hair, but so so happy after a super fun day of biking!

On the way home we stopped off at Sandyhills and had a little wander in the sand.  Wow walking barefoot on a proper sandy beach, now I feel soooo excited for summer and even better weather to come.


  1. Gorgeous! I always fancy the idea of camping but am never been brave enough, I haven't been since Guides!

    I never would have been able to tackle the obstacles, I haven't had my bum on a bike for over 15 years :s

    Maybe one day we'll get round to an outdoors adventure too :D

    Chloe x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Chloe. I love camping, I never used to tho. But def something to experience! Try a camping pod or wooden tent that seem popular nowadays for a good way to see what it's like! I'm off to check out your blog now...


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